• image solutions


    No Magic's solution platform, the Cameo Suite, enables powerful visualization and analysis, elimination of operational pain points and enterprise risk mitigation.
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  • image professional services

    Professional Services

    No Magic's training, consulting and custom development services help enterprises adopt a more collaborative approach using our dynamic visual insight.
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  • image industry expertise space shuttle

    Industry Expertise

    No Magic has extensive experience across a wide spectrum of vertical industries from Aerospace to telecom, from engineering to education.
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  • mod-image solution cameo e2e bridge

    Model-Driven Integration

    The Cameo E2E Bridge is a proven, 100% model-driven integration platform for rapid process integration and automation.
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  • mod-image service consulting

    Consulting Services

    No Magic consultants provide expert advice and thought-leadership based on a detailed analysis of the customer issue.
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  • mod-image industry medical


    No Magic has extensive experience in healthcare both on the payer and provider side as well as with pharmaceutical companies applying our modeling.
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  • mod-image solution mbse

    Model-based Systems Engineering

    The most standards compliant application of modeling to support System Requirements, Analysis and Simulation, Design, Verification and Validation.
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  • mod-image service custom development

    Custom Development

    No Magic custom software development services are typically provided in a mixed on-site/remote approach.
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  • mod-image industry government building


    Local, State and National government entities are utilizing the broad range of No Magic solutions including NIEM.
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  • mod-image solution enterprise arctitecture

    Enterprise Architecture

    No Magic offers high quality solutions and services to build successful architectures for your enterprise.
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  • mod-image service training


    The No Magic Professional Services organization can deliver training in a variety of ways best suited for any organization.
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  • mod-image industry expertise financial


    No Magic has a distinguished list of global banking success stories ranging from the world's largest financial institution to private equity firms.
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  • mod-image solution business architecture

    Business Architecture and Design

    Our standards-compliant solutions enable enterprises to capture and design business architectures for rapid change, continuous improvement, sustainability.
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  • mod-image service research

    Big Data

    Finding the needle in the haystack is the goal of the enterprise. Instead of focusing on algorithms, enterprises should focus on validating the data.
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  • mod-image industry circuit board


    Manufacturing organizations worldwide look to No Magic for specific systems engineering solutions that improve productivity, reduce costs, improve cycle times.
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  • mod-image solution dynamic visual insight

    Dynamic Visual Insight

    No Magic is a global solutions company providing dynamic visual insight, enterprise risk mitigation and elimination of operational pain points.
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  • mod-image service education

    Academic Programs

    The No Magic Academic program is a global initiative, which offers the unique opportunity to use MagicDraw Personal as part of the curriculum.
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  • mod-image industry government building


    Local, State and National government entities are utilizing the broad range of No Magic solutions including NIEM.
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  • mod-image solution discover modeling solution

    Discover Your Modeling Solution

    Tell us what you do and what industry you're in, to learn more about the MagicDraw solution customized to your needs.
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  • mod-image service education continuing

    Research Programs

    The No Magic Research program is a global initiative, which offers the unique opportunity to use MagicDraw Personal as part of the curriculum.
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  • mod-image industry energy


    Global energy companies seek a model-driven approach based on executable UML® using the Cameo® E2E Bridge to accelerate business integration.
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Product Highlight

Client Use Cases

  • Banking Industry:

    Integration and Back-Office Automation Retail Banking Merger

    ubs retail bankingThe new UBS branch network needed a consulting and operational platform for its retail business. The target was to reduce operational cost by 30%.

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  • Retail/Manufacturing Industry:

    Unified Retailing for B2B/B2C - ONE Data View

    nikon logoNikon took up the challenge to invent the perfect buying experience for consumers and dealers. All sales procedures had to be rewired to allow an integrated view of customer and product information.

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  • Media Industry:

    European Publisher Employs Model-Driven Integration Strategy

    european publisher magsTo accelerate the creation of new business domains and to increase the automation of business processes, the LV publishing house decided to undergo a stepwise modernization.

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  • Energy Industry:

    Energy Provider Multi-Country SAP Integration

    evn energy transitionEVN chose a purely model-driven approach based on executable UML® using the E2E Bridge® to accelerate business integration of Eastern European Countries and to support SAP® BC migration efforts.

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  • Aerospace Industry:

    JPL Community View on Challenges and Rewards of MBSE

    casestudy nasaThis case study shows the feasibility of MBSE, the practicality of this approach and details of usability work applied.

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  • Defense Industry:

    Model-Based Management Complex Systems Configurations

    casestudy lockheed martinHas transitioned to using Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE).

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  • Engineering Industry:

    MBSE in Telescope Modeling: European Extremely Large Telescope

    casestudy esoMBSE and SysML were chosen to model the Telescope Control System (TCS) which controls many different opto-mechanical parts and devices partially embedded in the telescope structure.

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  • Retail Industry:

    Multichannel eCommerce Integration Leading Swiss Fashion Retail Chain

    pkz swiss fashion retail chainThis transformation from batch mode to modern multichannel e-commerce was no trivial undertaking.

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  • Technology Services Industry:

    Extending B2BNet; Managed Services For Cross-Company Business Processes

    compudata logoCOMPUDATA intended to extend its B2Bnet offering with respect to process support, requiring reliable conversion of data according to widely differing standards and proprietary data formats.

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  • Telecom Industry:

    Leading Telecom Increases Transparency & Control

    swisscom logoFor its SME business unit, which covers DSL, VPN and other products, Swisscom uses the custom-built eDASECO application, which was never integrated with the central data warehouse.

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  • Financial Services Industry:

    Financial Services Company Legacy Modernization

    intrum justitia logoNearly 10 years ago, Intrum had started developing its ReCash application to better address cash flow related operations, key processes within the company.

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  • Manufacturing Industry:

    Rapid SAP Integration with Manufacturer's e-Shop

    ypsomed servopenTo avoid substantial investments and the loss of time, Ypsomed identified E2E’s glueware to be best suited for step-by-step process integration based on its existing application landscape.

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