What's new in Cameo Requirements+ 4.1?

Cameo Requirements Plus 4.1 New and Noteworthy

1. Rich text support on description field

You can insert rich texts, e.g., text styles, images, and tables in the Description field. 

2. New requirement editor

The requirement editor is a free workspace area in Cameo Requirements Plus in which the user can review paragraphs of text and create Requirement nodes (or other kinds of nodes as per the schema and preference configuration). The rich text editor is also integrated into this view, allowing you to use the rich text editing properties in this editor.

3. Import requirements from HTML

You can now import HTML documents into Cameo Requirements Plus using the requirement editor. You can further analyze your business requirements documents easily by refining them into requirement nodes in Cameo Requirements Plus (just selecting the text and marking it as requirements).

4. Improved usability with Cameo Team Server

New Cameo Team Server toolbar allows you to quickly access all teamwork functions. In addition, project commit dialog and history tab are improved.

Cameo Requirements+ 4.1 SP1 New and Noteworthy

In CameoRequirements+ 4.1 Service Pack 1, the Rich Text Editor and Requirement Editor have been improved:

  • Supports more than 6 levels of nested elements in Requirement Editor.
  • The button to increase or decrease the size of Rich Text Editor has been added.
  • The problem with Width and Height of an image has been fixed.
  • The capability to edit the Image content has been fixed.
  • The cross browser compatibility issues have been fixed.

(Bundle the XUL Runner browser engine in order to eliminate the incompatibility issues with the default browser engine from each different OS such as problem with inserting table or image, cannot edit table or image, the location of Cursor is changed)

Cameo Requirements+ 4.1 SP2 New and Noteworthy

Improvements in CameoRequirements+ 4.1 Service Pack 2 are as follows:

1. Ubuntu 10.10 Support

  • Stability in Ubuntu 10.10 has been improved.
  • Browser compatibility issues on Ubuntu 10.10 have been fixed.
  • The Ubuntu 10.10 start up issue has been fixed.

2. Updated Schema

  • The Test Step node has been removed. The Rich Text Editor can efficiently be used to record the description for Test Case.
  • The constraint of Relation to comply with SysML 1.1 has been eliminated.
  • The Test Result node under the Section in order to record the testing result has been added.

3. Report Wizards

The following issues have been fixed:

  • The error while publishing the report to FTP server due to unable to create new directory.
  • No data are generated into the Web Publisher 2.0's default template due to some special characters.
  • An incomplete node name printed while the name field contains a long sentence.

Cameo Requirements+ 4.1 SP3 New and Noteworthy

The CameoRequirements+ 4.1 Service Pack 3 release includes improvement, changes, and new features.

New Features

1. Welcome Page

This release includes Welcome Page that you can immediately use to create a new data repository or schema, access the latest web resources, and open a recently opened repository.

2. HTML Import

This release supports Microsoft Word-based HTML. You can now save Microsoft Word documents in an HTML format and import them to Cameo Requirements+.

3. Node Converter

The conversion of any nodes with the same parent type has become enabled. You can, for example, convert a requirement into a functional requirement.

4. Trace View in Properties Editor

Traceability among all requirements in Trace View in Properties Editor is available.

5. Schema Merge

You can now create a repository from two schemas by using the Schema Merge function. This function allows you to create a new schema either by merging two schemas or merging an existing schema with a default Cameo Requirements+ schema.

6. User Story Tab

New User Story Tab has been added to Properties Editor to allow creating business processes quickly anywhere in the data repository.

7. Garbage Collector

A new garbage collector has been added to help eliminate unused memory as a more efficient management of a memory space.

Improvement and Changes

1. Requirement Editor

The stability of Requirement Editor has been improved.

2. Properties View

  • You can now edit properties of a node directly from Properties View.
  • Options used for showing or hiding columns in Properties View are provided.

3. Properties Editor

  • The vertical scroll bar is no longer presented when you resize Properties Editor.
  • You can now view and focus only on the section that has a specific name attribute. All other fields can be hidden automatically.

4. Default Schema

  • Constraints on Requirements nodes have been removed. You can now create requirement nodes anywhere in the data container.
  • An empty value has been added to the first position in the Enumeration type. Therefore, all enumeration values are now set to be empty values by default.

5. Auto Group Nodes by Parents

Starting with this release, requirements and their descendants such as functional requirements and business requirements can be grouped automatically.

6. Schema Builder Wizard

The default node types have been hidden from the node type list in Schema Builder Wizard.

7. Performance

In this release, the performance of Open Properties Editor has been improved by 30-50%.

8. Glossary

In CameoRequirements+ 4.1 SP3, glossary definitions of a glossary term are displayed in tooltips without the need of selecting definitions.

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