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BigLever Software and No Magic Partner to Enable a New Dimension in Model Based Systems and Software Engineering

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New Solution Combines Product Line Engineering and Model Based Engineering to Deliver New Levels of Efficiency, Competitive Advantage for Companies Delivering Complex Product Lines

biglever software logoAUSTIN, Texas – April 4, 2016 – BigLever Software, the leading provider of Product Line Engineering (PLE) solutions, announced today that the company has partnered with No Magic, the premier standards-based modeling, simulation and analysis solutions provider, to deliver an integrated PLE and Model Based Engineering (MBE) solution – the No Magic MagicDraw/BigLever Software Gears Bridge. This new integration enables companies to achieve competitive advantage through the reduction of complexity, greater efficiency, increased product quality, enhanced scalability and portfolio diversity, as well as improved cross-functional alignment between engineering and operational roles.

“Product engineering organizations need a new approach for harnessing the ever-growing complexity of managing product variation across a product line portfolio,” said Dr. Charles Krueger, BigLever Software CEO. “PLE has emerged as a game-changing engineering paradigm for addressing this need. By partnering with No Magic, and bringing MagicDraw into the PLE Ecosystem, we are creating a new dimension for Model Based Engineering with MagicDraw – one that combines PLE’s innovative feature-based variation management capabilities with the powerful visualization, analysis, verification, and validation capabilities of MBE.”

PLE addresses product complexity by dramatically simplifying the creation, delivery, maintenance, and evolution of a product line portfolio. It uses a shared set of engineering assets, a managed set of features, and an efficient means for automating production of assets for the product line. BigLever’s Gears PLE solution and methods enable a unified feature-based approach across the full lifecycle, from portfolio planning to multi-discipline asset engineering and testing, product management, manufacturing, sales, and service. By providing a “single source of feature truth,” PLE enables a holistic view into the feature variations for a product family, thereby eliminating the need for different variant management mechanisms across tools, processes and organizational functions.

“The No Magic global team is delighted to announce this partnership with BigLever,” said Gary Duncanson, President and CEO of No Magic. “Our strategic alliance facilitates the work taking place by our commercial and defense sector customers as they endeavor to meet their large-scale product line and design variant deployment requirements. PLE has been of critical importance in many industry domains, including the automotive sector. The integration of PLE and Model-based Systems Engineering represented in this unique partnership simplifies and mitigates product design complexity, while at the same time providing equally impressive industry results of a two-to-ten-time gain in engineering metrics.”

About the No Magic MagicDraw/BigLever Software Gears Bridge

No Magic’s MagicDraw MBE platform is used by enterprises to replace document-driven artifacts with integrated and traceable models. The MagicDraw/Gears Bridge extends MagicDraw to operate seamlessly, efficiently, and effectively as part of the unified PLE lifecycle toolsets used by a growing number of systems engineering organizations.

The new Bridge allows engineers to use Gears PLE concepts and constructs as first-class systems engineering mechanisms for managing product line diversity in MagicDraw models, as a highly scalable alternative to traditional clone-and-own or manual variant management approaches. MagicDraw models can now be seen as shared assets within Gears-based production lines, and automatically configured for different products by making feature choices in a Gears feature profile.

About BigLever Software

BigLever Software, Inc., the leading provider of systems and software product line engineering solutions and services, dramatically simplifies the creation, evolution, maintenance and delivery of a product line – a portfolio of similar products or systems with variations in features and functions. BigLever’s patented Gears solution enables organizations to reduce development costs and bring new product line features and products to market faster, enabling businesses to more reliably target and hit strategic market windows. BigLever is based in Austin, Texas. For more information, visit

BigLever Software, Gears, and No Magic MagicDraw/BigLever Software Gears Bridge are trademarks of BigLever Software, Inc. MagicDraw and Cameo are registered trademarks of No Magic, Inc.

No Magic Adds New Features and Functionality to Cameo Concept Modeler With Service Pack 2 Release

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CCM SP2 Plugin Enhances Collaboration and Productivity – Users Easily Model Concepts Via Simplified Ontology Approach

Allen, Texas November 30, 2015 – No Magic, the leading global provider of integrated modeling, simulation and analysis services and solutions announced today the release of CameConcept Modeler Plugin (CCM) 18.0 Service Pack 2.

This service pack, offering numerous enhancements, continues No Magic's tradition of delivering rapid and timely software updates to users. Since the product's initial release September, 2015, CameConcept Modeler continues to receive industry accolades by providing a user-friendly bridge between modeling and ontology, giving users a means to quickly and easily model concepts without extensive training in formal description logic.

"We listen to customer feedback from enterprise and system architects, ontologists, analysts, knowledge engineers, modelers and subject matter experts and work to include as many feature requests in our service packs as possible,” said Enrique Krajmalnik, No Magic’s CTO. “The improved documentation, OWL import and export improvements, natural language glossary and optimized usability found in this CCM Service Pack 2 release are great examples of this," he added.

"CCM is a different breed of modeling tool for these users," Krajmalnik said. "It takes the power and ease-of-use of our award-winning MagicDraw® platform and extends it to solve business vocabulary problems, especially prevalent now, due to the shortage of trained ontologists.”

With CameConcept Modeler, modelers can create meaningful model elements with a single keystroke. This enables users to focus on the iterative process of developing and analyzing models.

The CameConcept Modeler Service Pack 2 offers these new enhancements and user benefits making the development process even easier:

  • Documentation:
    • Documents how to generate a natural-language glossary from one or more concept models
    • Documents the improvements shown below:
  • OWL import and export improvements:
    • Import from OWL and export tOWL supports the JSON-LD format
    • Import from OWL supports arbitrary annotation properties
    • Export tOWL creates an OWL annotation when it finds a UML comment stereotyped as an «Annotation», having a tagged value pointing tan annotation property, and anchored ta UML class or property
  • Natural Language Glossary:
    • Superclass and property types now hyperlink to their head word
  • Usability improvements:
    • Importing from OWL creates shorter package names, unless there is a name collision
    • A new diagram menu item selects a redefined or subsetted property in the containment tree
    • A new diagram menu item selects a redefined or subsetted property in any one of the diagrams that show it
    • Glossary generation options are now turned off by default for new projects
    • A new containment tree menu item creates or rebuilds a glossary according to the currently set glossary creation project options
    • An anonymous union superclass forces subordinate generalization sets to always be {complete}
    • A UML package stereotyped as «ConceptModel» always unhides the "URI" metaproperty to make it easier to set its base URI

With CCM SP2, users also receive AutoStyler 18.0 SP2, a no-charge, highly useful CCM plugin that allows modelers the ability to easily manage the styles of any kind of model diagram in MagicDraw. SP2 enhancements to AutoStyler include:

  • Menu items for setting the defining diagram and repairing styles are now enabled when Generalization Sets, Trees, and Properties are among the elements selected on a diagram
  • Styles can now be repaired for Generalization Sets, Trees, and Properties

No Magic Launches Cameo Concept Modeler - Innovative Solution Bridges Modeling and Ontology

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MagicDraw® Plugin Boosts Productivity & Enhances Collaboration –
Easily Model Concepts Via Simplified Ontology Approach

Allen, Texas (September 2, 2015) – No Magic, the leading global provider of integrated modeling, simulation and analysis services and solutions announced today the release of its Cameo Concept Modeler Plugin (CCM), the latest addition to the company's expanding Cameo® Suite solution portfolio. Cameo Concept Modeler leads the industry in providing a user-friendly bridge between modeling and ontology, allowing users to quickly and easily model concepts without extensive training in formal description logic.

The new solution is designed for enterprise and system architects, ontologists, analysts, knowledge engineers, modelers and subject matter experts.

"CCM is a different breed of modeling tool for these users," said Enrique Krajmalnik, No Magic's CTO. "It takes the power and ease-of-use of our award-winning MagicDraw platform and extends it to solve the problem of business vocabulary ambiguity, exacerbated by the complexity of ontology tools and a lack of trained ontologists. Using simple, easy to use and understand models of real world concepts, CCM helps coalesce systems of people, process, and information," added Enrique.

Cameo Concept Modeler is unique in that it provides all the value of ontologies, yet goes beyond with its appealing graphics and plain English glossaries, employing an intuitive drag and drop interface. As a result, modelers can create meaningful model elements with a single keystroke. This enables users to focus on the iterative process of developing and analyzing models.

Other key benefits of Cameo Concept Modeler include:

  • Consultant-proven, subject matter expert friendly graphical notation
  • Integrates with any UML® model or UML-based standard, such as UPDM, DoDAF, or NIEM-UML
  • Ideal for Architects to create new models of information from one overarching concept model

"With the introduction of our new Cameo Concept Modeler, the industry gets a highly innovative visual tool that allows a concept model to be part of the UML ecosystem, allowing ease of integration with our Cameo solution Suite," said Gary Duncanson, President and CEO of No Magic. "In addition CCM unifies all kinds of models, such as models of requirements, data, business processes, systems, ontologies, database schemata, message schemata and object-oriented software," added Duncanson.

For advanced users, such as Architects, the Cameo Concept Modeler Plugin allows these users to create and realize new models of information from one concept model, as well as connect existing models of information to concept models. Architects can also "cherry pick" concepts and properties to create a closed-world information model for schemata and code generation.

In addition, analysts and knowledge engineers find CCM highly useful and intuitive as they use UML to work with subject matter experts to model any and all real-world concepts and properties of a business in the specific language of that business.

No Magic Announces Executive Promotions and New Additions to Executive Team

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Company Announces an Enhanced Management Team To Help Support Continued Growth

Allen, Texas (May 18, 2015) – No Magic Inc., the leading global provider of integrated modeling, simulation, and analysis services and solutions announced changes to its executive leadership team that will accelerate its growth into 2016 and beyond. Changes include several executive promotions, title changes and new roles, all part of the company's commitment to continued growth as it begins its 21st year of excellence. Gary Duncanson, President and CEO of No Magic announced the following changes reflecting further advancement of strong leadership throughout the company:

Enrique Krajmalnik has been appointed Chief Technology Officer and will guide and direct the company's technical resources. He is responsible for the company's technical strategy, direction and product vision. Before joining No Magic in 2014, Enrique co-founded several technology companies ranging from software development to IT services and cloud/SAAS delivery platforms. A veteran of the IT services industry, Enrique has over 25 years of experience providing technical solutions for business. Enrique is responsible for managing the No Magic development teams in each of the company's development centers located in Allen, Texas, Asia and Europe. He holds a Bachelors' degree in Economics from the University of California at Santa Cruz and studied Mechanical Engineering at Duke University.

Jana K. Diamond has been promoted to Senior Director, Product Management. In this role Jana will ensure that all product development initiatives are executed according to the company's strategy in order to deliver the highest quality solutions. Jana is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with over ten years experience in project management. Jana's background includes leading multi-million dollar projects for the DoD in the missiles and space arena. Jana holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science Engineering from the University of Colorado and has completed a Masters level program in Homeland Defense.

Charles Galey joins No Magic as Senior Director of Software Engineering. In this role Charles will be responsible for overall software development, including the building, releasing and maintaining of No Magic solutions. The position will oversee Engineering, DevOps and QA. Charles is a former Systems Engineer from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where he participated in development of futuristic spacecraft concepts. Charles has a Bachelors' degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters degree in Satellite Systems Engineering from the University of Michigan.

Jim Logan has been promoted to Principal Architect and Product Manager, for Cameo Concept Modeler. Jim is responsible for developing and evangelizing No Magic's newest solution, Cameo Concept Modeler, designed to provide UML-based representations of complex systems and business processes including ontologies. Jim is an accomplished enterprise architect and system architect with over 30 years of experience bringing commercial software to market and consulting to the US Government. He applies cutting-edge standards and innovative methodologies and tools to produce operational systems, specializing in Model Driven Architecture / Development approaches. Mr. Logan has extensive modeling experience spanning business, requirements, services, ontologies, information, information exchanges, and systems.

"These changes are an excellent example of our ongoing commitment to evolving as one of the IT Industry's thought leaders, as demonstrated by our Gartner positioning," said Gary Duncanson, No Magic's President and CEO and Object Management Group Board Member. "The executive level promotions and staff additions, as well as our newly created Senior Director of Software Engineering position will help us continue our great reputation for quality and innovation," said Mr. Duncanson. "Leadership changes such as these, demonstrate our confidence in each of these individuals and their strong track record of global leadership, performance and facilitating change at No Magic," he said. "I'm proud to work with the best management team in the industry. We're uniquely positioned to execute on our strategy and grow the company's award-winning solutions for the long-term," said Mr. Duncanson.

Modeling and Simulation Software Expanding to the Research Community

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New Orleans, LA (May 18, 2015) - Today, No Magic Inc. and nMeta announced a Strategic Agreement, which will enable nMeta to introduce No Magic tooling and applications into major federal and commercial research, projects and applied technology efforts, thus expanding No Magic's already large footprint in these industries. The announcement was made by Gary Duncanson, President and CEO of No Magic Inc and Chris Galliano, President and CEO of nMeta.

nMeta's Co-founder, Kent Laursen, has been a longtime advocate and known expert for modeling in the federal sector. Mr. Laursen emphasizes that "No Magic's tooling suite provides federal programs with a modeling tool suite unlike anything else on the market. Our agreement with No Magic will enhance our ability to increase the success of this important technology across the DoD client base."

Duncanson said, "The agreement between No Magic and nMeta leverages our combined strengths. In addition, the new research and projects that nMeta addresses will greatly enhance our nation's defenses.We are delighted to be the best in class vendor to supply their teams and the research community with our model tooling and solutions. This represents another great opportunity to utilize our position within the industry to enter new markets and increase adoption within a growing modeling community. Mr. Laursen has a passion for helping craft solutions that will help our country's readiness and advance our research capabilities."

No Magic's Gary Duncanson Honors Jack Hughes at 2014 Congressional Veteran Commendation Ceremony

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gary duncanson and jack hughes
Jack Hughes (left) and Gary Duncanson shown with Mr. Hughes 2014 Congressional Veteran Commendation

gary duncanson remarks
Gary Duncanson remarks during the Congressional Veteran Commendation for Jack Hughes

gary duncanson congratulating
Gary Duncanson (center) congratulating Jack Hughes (left) during the Congressional Veteran Commendation ceremony. Congressman Sam Johnson on far right.

sam johnson awards recipients
Recipients of the Congressional Veteran Commendation

Congressman Sam Johnson Event Honors Hometown Heroes, Veterans For Their Dedication and Service to Country

Allen, Texas (November 11, 2014) – Gary Duncanson, President and CEO of No Magic and a distinguished Member of the Congressional Veteran Commendation Selection Board, joined Congressman Sam Johnson and other CVC Board members in honoring hometown heroes and veterans at the 2014 Congressional Veteran Commendation event held November first in Plano, Texas. The CVC board is comprised of impressive individuals dedicated to serving as leaders in their communities and country.

The CVC ceremony is an opportunity to highlight and bring honor to those who have faithfully served our nation. The program runs in conjunction with the Veterans History Project sponsored by the Library of Congress. Congressman Sam Johnson, as a lawmaker and veteran, works tirelessly on behalf of U.S. military personnel and veterans and has nominated a distinguished selection board, which serves as advisors to assist with nominations and the selection of commendation recipients.

Mr. Duncanson presented one of the nine commendation awards during the ceremony to Jack Hughes, an outstanding military veteran, community leader, and exemplary American from the Third District of Texas for his service to community and country. Following Mr. Duncanson's commendation remarks from the House of Representatives Congressional Record, Jack Hughes was presented with the formal commendation and framed flag presented by Congressman Sam Johnson.

"I am humbled and proud to be part of the CVC board and to be serving along side Congressman Sam Johnson and the other distinguished board members in the Congressional Veteran Commendation initiative which recognizes our veterans and community heroes," said Gary Duncanson. "It is truly an absolute privilege for me to continue my family's legacy of giving, which honors my father and brother for their lifetime of public service on behalf of our veterans, troops and nation," he added.

During the ceremony, nine recipients were presented with the Congressional Veterans commendation: Judge Don Stevenson, Jack Hughes, Gil Benoit, Donald Sams, Cliff Sosamon, Christopher DeBord, James Knabel, Mike Martin and Robert Paulk.

Mr. Duncanson is president and CEO of No Magic, a veteran-owned software firm in Allen, Texas. In 2012, Mr. Duncanson received the prestigious Patriot Award in recognition of his support of the U.S. Military and for hiring veterans. A son of a veteran, Mr. Duncanson has consistently gone above and beyond to support veterans and their families. He also worked for the U.S. Military in the Naval Warfare Assessment Center and currently works with the Department of Defense.

No Magic Announces Membership in Industrial Internet Consortium to Enable and Accelerate the Internet of Things

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iic member logo 225x108Joins Other Technology Leaders With Powerful Modeling Systems and Interoperability Enabling Platforms

Allen,Texas (October 7, 2014) – No Magic, Inc. the leading global provider of integrated modeling, simulation and analysis solutions and services has joined the Industrial Internet Consortium along side founding members General Electric, Intel, IBM, Cisco and AT&T.

The Industrial Internet Consortium is an open membership group formed to accelerate growth and adoption of the Internet of Things. The IIC defines requirements for open interoperability standards and at the same time develops common architectures to connect machines, smart devices, people, processes and data. No Magic, the most standards compliant solution provider in the industry, has a wide range of software solutions and platforms, as well as extensive experience in solving mission critical data interoperability issues, vitally important to enabling the Internet of Things and key to the ongoing mission of the Industrial Internet Consortium.

"Interoperability is one of the many Internet of Things enabling solutions from No Magic which we call the Cameo® Suite Platform, facilitating our vast array of interoperability solutions," said Gary Duncanson, President and CEO of No Magic, and OMG Board member. "We are delighted to be part of the IIC distinguished membership at this important time. For more than 20 years No Magic has been at the forefront of modeling and simulating systems, data interoperability, Big Data and ontology, bringing this highly relevant experience to the consortium. No Magic's ongoing innovation in these areas provides industry-leading enabling technology that allows enterprises to fully leverage the Internet of Things," added Duncanson.

"We're excited to have No Magic join the IIC," said Dr. Richard Soley, Executive Director of the Industrial Internet Consortium. "No Magic has been a longtime member of OMG – which manages the Industrial Internet Consortium. By joining the IIC, No Magic continues to show its dedication to forwarding technological innovations. Their expertise in modeling systems will play an important role in the development of the Industrial Internet space."

Joining the Industrial Internet Consortium is another way in which No Magic reflects its commitment to helping clients leverage the digital transformation taking place within their industry by embracing the global use of interconnected devices and the Internet of Things. The company's broad customer base which spans financial services, government, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, telecom and academia is testament to No Magic's ability to facilitate and enable improved productivity, cost reduction and enhanced collaboration across the spectrum of represented IIC industries.

No Magic Honors Winners of Cameo Awards for Modeling, Simulation & Analysis Excellence

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2013 Winners Recognized at Annual No Magic World Conference

No Magic honors NMWC winnersNo Magic Honored Technology Leaders at its Cameo Awards Ceremony Monday May 5th, 2014
(Left to right): Gary Duncanson (President & CEO No Magic), Kent Laursen (Formerly SRC, now CTO No Magic), Stephan Prinzkosky (E2E), Larry Ferguson (CACI), Brian Hulbert (AFRL/LinQuest), Monte Porter (PEO Missiles and Space), Randy Coleman accepting for Dennis Wisnosky (Wizdom Technologies/FIBO), Justin Schmidt (Hospira), Nerijus Jankevicius (No Magic), Chris Henn (E2E), Nikolai Mansourov (KDM Analytics), Sandy Friedenthal (Friedenthal Consulting)

Allen, Texas - No Magic Inc., the leading global provider of integrated modeling, simulation, and analysis services and solutions, honored a wide range of technology companies at its Cameo Awards ceremony during the No Magic World Conference held at the iconic Rudy's Country Store and Bar-B-Q, May 5th in Allen, Texas. The Cameo Awards recognize companies, which have demonstrated technical innovation as well as measureable success using No Magic's Cameo Suite of applications. The Cameo Awards are an annual event, which coincide with the company's World Conference event.

"We are honoring the 'Best of 2013 and showing the world that modeling, simulation and analysis are critical to success in today's highly competitive economic environment," said Gary Duncanson, President and CEO of No Magic, Inc. "Those receiving the Cameo Awards represent world-class organizations making major innovations in defense, banking, insurance and government technologies that taxpayers and consumers will see in the future. Modeling is key to simplifying the complexity of today's world," added Duncanson.

Project of the Year in Financial Services 2013
Winner: Dennis Wisnosky, Wizdom Technologies/FIBO
For championing the Financial Industry Business Ontology Standard (FIBO)

Best Use of MBSE/SysML With Cameo Suite, Commercial, 2013
Winner: Justin Schmidt, Hospira

Best Use of MBSE/SysML With Cameo Suite, Federal, 2013
Winner: Brian Hulbert, AFRL/LinQuest
For research on the Verification and Validation (V&V) of complex, autonomous systems and cooperative UAV teaming

Most Creative Use of UML/BPMN With MagicDraw, 2013
Winner: Marcel Rassinger, E2E
Incorporating MagicDraw and Cameo Business Modeler within the E2E ecosystem

Project of the Year in UPDM/Enterprise Architecture, 2013
Winner: Monte Porter, PEO Missiles and Space
Pioneered methodology for partitioning and synchronizing UPDM compliant modules between a program office and its prime contractors

Project of the Year in UPDM/Enterprise Architecture, 2013
Winner: Kent Laursen, SRC
For his work in supporting Navy C4ISR architectures

Most Influential Technology Partner, 2013
Winner: Stephan Prinzkosky, E2E
For E2E's work with No Magic in launching the Cameo E2E Bridge in North America

Best Extension to Cameo Suite, Federal, 2013
Winner: Larry Ferguson, CACI
Combining CACI's model-driven design and implementation (MDDI) approach to software design and integration with No Magic's Cameo® tool suite

Industry Impact: MagicDraw Extension With Greatest Industry Impact, 2013
Winner: Djenana Campara, KDM Analytics
For development of the Cameo Risk Analyzer

Best Extension to Cameo Suite, Commercial, 2013
Winner: Dr. Dirk Zwemer, InterCAX
For development of the SLIM plugin to MagicDraw, enabling the creation and management of the Total System Model (TSM) for any complex system

Company/Individual Most Responsible for Improving the State of the Practice of MS&A, 2013
Winner: Sandy Friedenthal
For his ongoing and dedicated contribution to the field of MBSE, model-based systems engineering

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