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CoFluent Design has developed a new methodology that combines the OMG's standards SysML (System Modeling Language) and MARTE (Modeling and Analysis for Real-Time and Embedded Systems) profiles. The CoFluent methodology for UML allows designers of embedded devices and chips to describe in a comprehensive way models of real-time embedded applications and use cases, and represent their execution on multiprocessor/multicore platforms. Non-functional requirements, like execution times, as well as power, memory and cost, can be captured in models.

MagicDraw supports the CoFluent methodology through a dedicated plug-in option. With an optional product addition, CoFluent Studio – CoFluent Design's Eclipse-based system-level modeling and simulation environment – offers UML as modeling language and imports MagicDraw projects. Users can integrate MagicDraw into CoFluent Studio as an Eclipse plug-in for using a unified modeling and simulation environment. CoFluent Studio converts UML models into executable SystemC code. As the generated SystemC code is instrumented, execution traces can be analyzed with CoFluent Studio monitoring tools, so designers can predict the behavior and the real-time performance properties of their multicore embedded system models.

By exporting UML models to CoFluent Studio, designers can use C/C++ as action language and generate transaction-level modeling (TLM) SystemC code to run simulations. Co-Simulation with MATLAB/Simulink is also available. The instrumented SystemC code coupled with CoFluent Studio's analysis tools allows designers to observe the real-time execution of their models and extract performance figures like latencies, data throughputs, buffer levels, resource loads, power consumption, memory footprint and cost.

Product Availability

CoFluent Studio 3.2.0 supports MagicDraw 16.5 and 16.6 for Microsoft Windows, and requires the SysML, MARTE and CoFluent plug-ins for MagicDraw.

CoFluent Studio and MagicDraw can be used as separate environments or as a single integrated environment.

CoFluent Design customers can add MagicDraw and the required plug-ins to their existing CoFluent Studio environments. No Magic customers can also get CoFluent Studio and the required plug-ins for their existing MagicDraw environments.

Commercial bundles of both products are also available from CoFluent Design and No Magic.

CoFluent Reader is CoFluent Design's free model viewer and simulation player. CoFluent Reader provides the same tools and environment as CoFluent Studio, but in read-only mode. In its free version, it allows playing back recorded simulation. It comes with illustrative sample models and is available for free download. CoFluent Reader 3.2.1 will be available soon for MagicDraw 16.8.

Company Description

CoFluent Design™ provides system-level modeling and simulation tools for executing use cases and analyzing performance of embedded devices and chips. CoFluent Studio™ generates SystemC transactional models from UML diagrams and standard C that describe complex multi-OS, multicore embedded systems. CoFluent Reader™ enables efficient exchange of executable specifications with all project stakeholders and contractors.

CoFluent is used throughout the product development lifecycle for:

  • INNOVATION: capturing with minimal effort the design intent in reusable models that mix new features and legacy, allowing for early patent application
  • OPTIMIZATION: finding the optimal architecture and power efficiency through design space exploration free of the full hardware/software code
  • VALIDATION: defining use case scenarios for validating the real-time behavior, predicting performance and generating test cases for implementation

For further details please visit: or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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