miasoftware logoMia-Software provides Model-Driven transformation solutions to bridge the gap between models and code.

The Mia-Studio suite is composed of three main products compliant with MagicDraw:

Mia-Generation: To build code generators 100% compliant with your own coding rules (Java, C#, XML, C++, PHP, etc.) and design patterns. A specific plugin enables launching the generation directly from MagicDraw, without XMI or EMF export/import.

Mia-Transformation: To build models transformers compliant with your needs.

Mia-Modernization: To extract UML models from your J2EE applications according to your own modeling rules.

Each product is delivered with two editions:

  • Architect edition: the editor to customize, test and package the transformation rules
  • Developer edition: the engine to execute the transformation rules

Mia-Software has a strong experience in delivering Model-Driven effective solutions. These products have already been chosen by Fortune 500 companies on very big projects (Banking, Insurance, Avionics, Transportation, Administration, ...), by small and medium companies (Health, Logistics, ...) on human-size projects and by integrators to work on industrial platforms for their customers.

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