Frequently Asked Questions

Major Issues

  • Why the Model Browser of my project doesn’t show newly created elements, and corrupted elements appear in it with no reason?
  • MagicDraw 17.0.5 stops responding on Mac OS X Mavericks, and I keep seeing the spinning wait pointer (aka Spinning Beach Ball of Death). How can I fix the issue?
  • The file list dialog on Mac OS X doesn't respond appropriately when selecting folders
  • After updating to the latest Java version (1.6.0_39 and higher or 1.7.0_13 and higher), MagicDraw can neither open projects nor accept license files. An Exception is generated. What is the fix for this issue?


  • What are the common recommendations to increase performance?
  • From time to time we receive Out Of Memory exceptions. I suspect that these exceptions are caused by MagicDraw memory leaks. How would you suggest solving this problem?
  • MagicDraw freezes. Do you know how to fix that?
  • Using a nvidia 8240 agp adapter in dual monitor mode any part of the display past the first 1/3 of the second monitor does not display correctly. Using ASUS nvidia 8240 delux latest driver. Also tried the nvidia latest driver with the same result.
  • When I attempt to open certain file dialog boxes, it takes several minutes for the file dialog to open.
  • Sometimes when running the program the OutOfMemory error occurs.
  • Sometimes when running the program the StackOverflowError occurs.
  • The menu fonts are corrupted when MagicDraw is in Japanese mode.

Installation and Running

  • MagicDraw 17.0.4 can be started neither on Mac OS X Lion nor on Mac OS X Mountain Lion. JRELoadError appears when trying to start the application. How can this be handled?
  • I cannot start MagicDraw 17.0.4 on MAC OS X after it has been upgraded from version 17.0.3 SP1 by using the no-install package.
  • When trying to launch MagicDraw on OS X Mountain Lion, the error appears: "" is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash."
  • When trying to install or import a plugin to MagicDraw, the error appears saying that you do not have rights to write to MagicDraw installation directory.
  • When I run the exe file I get a warning: Please select another location to extract the installer to:
  • How to update MagicDraw to new version?
  • After upgrading Java to 1.6.0_26, MagicDraw becomes unpredictable.
  • When Resource/Plugin Manager is started error is shown.
  • There is no Implementation toolbar on the Implementation diagram pallet in MagicDraw 17.0 SP1
  • After updating MagicDraw to version 17.0.1 exceptions can be shown on different actions.
  • After installing MagicDraw on the Mac OS with Java (1.6.0_17), default Look & Feel does not function and the Mac menu bar is gone.
  • I have installed and activated MagicDraw v16.9 as the administrator. When I had logged into my regular account, MagicDraw asked for a license key file and for the license activation again. How can I escape the license activation on the same machine twice?
  • Is it possible to create a MagicDraw installation package with a set of some default options?
  • When I saving project after I have upgraded Magicdraw to v16.6 I get a save error.
  • Update of JAVA for Mac OS causes the disappearing menu.
  • How to run MagicDraw under Unix after installation?
  • I ran into a trouble when installing MagicDraw: Launching installer... Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/zerog/lax/LAX
  • After the download the installer cannot be launched or it just appears on the screen and vanishes
  • In our company the storage of user home directory is limited. How to force to keep configuration files in other directory?
  • On the Macintosh, MagicDraw points out error at startup: java.lang.NullPointerException
  • I installed MagicDraw and it ran. Worked fine. I shut down my machine, started today, and MagicDraw won't start ?!?
  • MagicDraw does not start on Mac OS after QuickTime 7.2 update
  • What is the best way to reinstall MagicDraw on new computer or the same one after formatting.
  • How to install MagicDraw in a silent mode, i.e., without the installer GUI?

Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

  • MagicDraw 17.0.5 stops responding on Mac OS X Mavericks, and I keep seeing the spinning wait pointer (aka Spinning Beach Ball of Death). How can I fix the issue?
  • I would like to increase java heap size that MagicDraw would run faster with larger models. I have 12 GB of RAM.
  • How to install Java 1.5 on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard?
  • How to change JVM version?
  • How do I know what version of JVM I am running?
  • There are problems when using JVM 1.6 with MagicDraw v14.0 and previous.
  • I want to check which JVM is used for installation under Linux.
  • How can I start MagicDraw v16.9 and later on Mac PowerPC?
  • MagicDraw 17.0.5 stops responding on Mac OS X Mavericks, and I keep seeing the spinning wait pointer (aka Spinning Beach Ball of Death). How can I fix the issue?

Save, Load, Import, Export

  • I have saved the project file with MagicDraw version 17.0.1 and now I can't open it with MagicDraw version 17.0. Are project files backward compatible?
  • I am trying to import an XMI 1.1 file with MagicDraw. I got a load error "Wrong XMI version : MagicDraw supports only Unisys XMI 1.0"
  • Are there any recommendations for saving diagram as image?
  • When exporting image to EMF and pasting to Mac Word, error message "Image is corrupted" appears .
  • We are seeing the following error loading our model: Failed to load Windows configuration. Reseting to default.
  • When I save a diagram to .emf image and try to insert this image file to my OpenOffice document I only get empty image.
  • How can I copy a diagram from one MagicDraw project into another one?
  • How to migrate existing projects to the new MagicDraw version?

Projects migration to UML 2

  • Can I open older MagicDraw files?
  • What XMI version supports MagicDraw?
  • What will happen with my old projects on MagicDraw Teamwork Server?
  • What XMI version supports MagicDraw?


  • How could I change the symbol style?
  • How to visualize particular parts of the model in a diagram?
  • Is there a way I can find all items in the containment tree that are not used in any diagram? This would be useful to tidy up models.
  • Is there a way to automatically display links when element with relations is dragged onto the diagram?
  • I would like to specify that a string has maximum length 8 or that an account number has only 14 numbers. How do I specify this?
  • How to do a loop with a conditional in sequence diagram?
  • Does your tool support bidirectional associations (arrow at each end or no arrows)?
  • Is there any way to get a sequence diagram from a communication diagram?
  • How do I associate a state diagram with a certain class?
  • How do I connect interface to port with Interface Realization relation?
  • I have a class which has a realization relationship to an interface. When I use this class in a sequence diagram (as the receiver of a message), I cannot select the operation, which is part of the interface.
  • I have no possibility to display the names of transitions in the State Machine diagram. The option "show name" in the context menu of the transition doesn't work.
  • Search for the elements, which are not used in diagrams, finds attributes, operations, or slots that are represented on transitions. How to find out whether a particular element is needed in the model or not?
  • How can (inv:, def:, init:, derive:, pre:, post:, body: ) type constraints be modeled?


  • When I try to print, I get a warning dialog that says "No print service found." I am able to print with other applications as well as from the command line of a terminal window.
  • Page setup dialog doesn't list large media size on Linux
  • Page margins are returned incorrectly from the Page Setup dialog
  • MagicDraw crashes or some text is messed up when printing a diagram.
  • Page margins are returned incorrectly from the Page Setup dialog

Code Engineering

  • Do you have an edition of MagicDraw that can parse a set of Java files and create the corresponding class diagram?
  • Does MagicDraw allow to import current Java source code, alter the OO model and create modified source code?
  • What is the difference between the Quick Reverse and the general one?
  • How to import certain Java types?
  • Is there any way I can import an existing jar-file so that the classes from this file will be usable in the project ?
  • When I reverse engineer my project, there are a number of classes that are referenced in my code that cannot be found and are placed in the "Default" package. All of the classes are found in .jar files that my code depends on. I have checked the box that
  • Is it possible to reverse QT library?
  • While Reversing Oracle database I got the following error. Any idea?
  • How to reverse Java 7?


  • Is there any way that I can access elements from other projects?
  • How to open console together with the MagicDraw application?
  • Does MagicDraw support model consistency between all diagrams?
  • How to copy a diagram into the Windows clipboard and paste into a Word doc?
  • We are editing different diagrams in the same model, which is held in the CVS repository.Although working in different areas of the model, we keep getting unmergible files from the repository whenever we update our working versions from CVS after the othe
  • Is there any plugin to make automatically the UML2 transformation without having to make File->Export->To UML2 from the user interface?
  • Is it possible to add a hyperlink with a relative path* to an image or a project file?
  • How can I share files (images, other projects, text documents, etc.) together with a project?


  • I have followed integration steps for MagicDraw 17.0 and Eclipse 3.7, but I see no integration inside of Eclipse. What should I do?
  • MagicDraw windows are not redrawed properly running within Eclipse
  • MagicDraw integrated with Eclipse cannot be started
  • Out of memory errors with MagicDraw and Eclipse
  • After unintegration, Eclipse cannot be started with new integrated MagicDraw
  • I am trying to install MagicDraw and use Eclipse integration in Japanese, but menu fonts are corrupted.
  • Diagrams or Browser tabs are frozen because of modal dialog appearance.
  • With what version of IntelliJ IDEA integrates MagicDraw?
  • Do you plan to link with any of the popular IDEs/source code tools?
  • Does MagicDraw Standard edition integrate with Eclipse?
  • Do MagicDraw integrations with IDEs support Java 5.0 code engineering?
  • Does MagicDraw support Eclipse integration within OSX?
  • Automatic search in combo boxes is not working. I'm using MagicDraw integrated with IntelliJ.
  • MD v15.5, oAW 4.3 and Eclipse 3.4 integration. Try to run oAW sample as oAW workflow. The exceptions appears in console and sample fails to run. 5 INFO WorkflowRunner - Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError at org.openarchitectu

Teamwork Server

  • A stereotype applied on attribute, operation, parameter, or other kind of property disappears from the model after the project update from Teamwork Server 17.0.4, if a property has been edited. How can this be handled?
  • In Teamwork server up to v17.0.2 SP3 and v17.0.3 SP1, there are issues with adding/starting the service using Java versions 1.7.0_21 and 1.6.0_45.
  • Teamwork Server (prior to v17.0.2 SP3 and v17.0.3 SP1) running as service stops when the user logs out from the OS.
  • After the December 1st Teamwork Server v16.8 and v16.9 does not start, out of memory error is shown and lots of log files are created in the projects folder. How to start Teamwork Server?
  • Where can I find the server.log file?
  • We have a project in Teamwork Server with many versions. Old versions use large amount of space on the disk. How to clean up old versions in Teamwork Server?
  • How to upgrade the Teamwork Server?
  • I cannot find the Teamwork Server menu, although I see it in the docs.
  • On logging back to the Teamwork Server after the MagicDraw has been crashed, the server complaints that the user is already logged in.
  • Scheduling of synchronization between two distant Teamwork Servers does not work. How to turn it on?
  • How to start the Teamwork Server on startup of Redhat Linux as service?
  • How to connect to the Teamwork Server via ssh?
  • I cannot login to the Teamwork Server, although installation has been successful.
  • Can Teamwork Server up to v17.0 be integrated with SVN v1.6?


  • Do you support dynamic loading of modules?
  • Do you support editing a referred module inside a project?

Floating licenses (v16.8 and later)

  • On new key application into FLEXnet licenses server lmadmin error appears – "Inconsistent server host name in: licenses\cameo\…
  • License Server Manager Not Starting
  • I have firewall blocking the connection to the FLEXnet license server. What ports are used?
  • I got error "File not found, cameo.exe" what to do?
  • The FLEXnet license server doesn’t respond, so the end user cannot connect to the license server. The following information is provided in the Cameo.log file: (cameo) EXITING DUE TO SIGNAL 28 Exit reason 5 ... (cameo) Lost communications with lmgrd. Comm
  • When we try to start the vendor daemon, we get the error: (cameo) tcp_s is bad!!! Exiting (cameo) EXITING DUE TO SIGNAL 28 Exit reason 5 How to start the license server?
  • When we try to start the cameo vendor daemon, we get the error:(lmgrd) cameo using TCP-port 0 (cameo) tcp_s is bad!!! EXITING (cameo) DUE TOSIGNAL 28 Exit reason 5
  • I cannot start the lmadmin application as a root. The FlexNet license server does not start on Linux.
  • What command-line options are available with lmadmin?
  • I'm trying to run the two license servers and vendor daemons on same machine to restrict who gets access to which licenses. How can I do this?
  • How to release a hanging license to the pool?
  • How to return the floating license if two licenses are used by the same user on the same PC?
  • Cameo daemon thinks my hostid is 000000000000

Floating License (v16.6 and earlier)

  • Where can I find more problems and solutions regarding license server - Lmadmin?
  • I am unable to add NT service.
  • Do we need to install a new version of the floating license server, or can we use an old one with new version clients?
  • How to connect to the Floating License Server via SSH?
  • Where can I download the floating license server, which I've purchaced?

SysML Plugin

ParaMagic Plugin

  • What is Parametrics?
  • What are Parametrics used for?
  • What is ParaMagic?
  • How does ParaMagic work?
  • What mathematical solvers does ParaMagic link to?
  • How does the ParaMagic-Excel link work?
  • Can I use ParaMagic with UML, UPDM (DoDAF/MoDAF), or business process modeling languages?
  • How does ParaMagic do requirements checking?
  • How does ParaMagic differ from SysML simulations approaches?
  • How can I learn more about ParaMagic?
  • ParaMagic needs Java 1.6 to run correctly. Can it run with Java 1.5?
  • I have the ParaMagic plugin for MagicDraw. How do I access Mathematica to solve parametric equations?
  • ParaMagic v17.0.1 is incompatible with SysML v17.0.2 SP1

Cameo DataHub

  • DataHub 3.0 does not support detection and synchronization of changes to entity stereotypes

MagicDraw RSXConverter

  • What is MagicDraw RSXConverter?
  • The installation process seems to be complete, but I do not see any changes in my RSA/RSM.
  • Why does the conversion stop with the message "Cannot convert string "" to a double"?
  • Why the label/text on the relationship is not in a correct position?

MagicDraw RConverter

  • What is MagicDraw RConverter?
  • What is the limitation for the evaluation of RConverter?
  • Is that possible to use MagicDraw RConverter on Mac or Linux?
  • Is it possible for RConverter to convert IBM Rational Software Modeler without any constraints?
  • What is the data format after conversion?
  • Is that possible for RConverter to convert IBM Rational Software Modeller without any constraints?
  • How long does it take to convert the large model?

Cameo Inter-Op

Interchange with Other Tools

  • How can I import IBM Rational Software Architect/Modeler files?
  • I would like to find out whether it is possible to view a .vsd document in MagicDraw or even convert the .vsd file to MagicDraw format?
  • Where I can find Export for Unisys XMI operations?
  • How can I import Borland Together files with MagicDraw 10.0 or later version?
  • How can I import IBM Rational Rose files?


  • SysML 16.5 SP2 has a modification of MD_customization_for_SysML.mdzip how to update MD_customization_for_SysML.mdzip in our Teamwork Server and successfully work with it?:
  • I have created my own MagicDraw plugin with customer diagram, profile, templates and samples. How do I pack them to share for multiple users through MagicDraw Resources Manager.
  • How to set up Eclipse for plug-in development?
  • Is DoDAF Plugin 2.0 compatible with DoDAF Plugin 1.0?


  • Where can I find documentation about working with MagicDraw, MagicDraw integrations, floating license server, and teamwork server?
  • The Java documentation, delivered with MagicDraw contains only some package.html files.
  • MagicDraw Help cannot be invoked. What should I do?
  • When invoking Help>Contents the program hangs.
  • Where can I find MagicDraw configuration files (md.log and several other files)?

Older Versions


  • I would like to install the application on two machines, but the only one instance at a time will be used. What license do I need?
  • I have downloaded MagicDraw demo. Where do I get the unlock key?
  • How to unlock MagicDraw vesion 12.0 and later?
  • I'm unable to unlock MagicDraw. "Key or user name is invalid!" message appears.
  • I'm requested to activate may MagicDraw licenses. What should I do?
  • I connect to a network through the LAN or Wireless adapter. When I change the connection from LAN to wireless or vice versa, I get the message about the invalid license file, and MagicDraw closes. What should I do?

Users Profiles

  • What if I forgot my profile password?
  • Where can I change my profile data (user name, company name, etc.)?
  • Is my personal information secure at


  • Will I receive my software on CD?
  • Why do I need customer profile, why cannot I go to the shopping cart and order the software directly?
  • How do I get the product updates? Where do I download the newest software?
  • Bought one MagicDraw Floating license a month ago; and bought one more Floating license yesterday. I would like to know how can I add additional Floating license to the Floating license server.
  • I would like to receive notifications about the releases of new MagicDraw versions or service packs.
  • Where is my MagicDraw purchase information stored?

Other Issues

  • The file list dialog on Mac OS X doesn't respond appropriately when selecting folders
  • How to change the font size in various MagicDraw UI places?
  • How do I merge completely different projects that have no common history into one project (possibly by choosing only certain parts that should be merged)?
  • The UML metamodel in UML_Standard_Profile.xml includes only metaclasses and no attributes. However, we need them for defining OCL constraints.
  • After MagicDraw installation, menu items are bold


  • I have out of memory problem.

Specific Domains

  • What capabilities does your tool offer for model execution and result analysis?
  • What your tool can offer from realtime and embedded systems modeling perspective?

No Magic, Inc.

  • How does No Magic, Inc. protect the client's intellectual property rights?
  • What are No Magic's strengths that differentiate it from its competitors?
  • What is the level of fluency in English, on a scale of 1-10, of No Magic's personnel (overall)? Of personnel who would be expected to interact with the client?
  • What is No Magic's lead time for initiating a 1-person project? A 5-person project? 20? 100?
  • How does No Magic plan, monitor, and control work toward the deliverable?
  • During the course of a project, what information does No Magic provide to assure clients that the work is proceeding on time, on budget, and attains the level of quality specified in the agreed-to plan?
  • What assurance does No Magic provide of on-time delivery?
  • What assurance does No Magic provide of bug-free delivery?
  • What documentation does No Magic provide for work done?
  • What is No Magic's process for error correction and problem resolution after delivery?


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