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Q1. What is the Gibraltar / LTR Release, and why is it named Gibraltar / LTR versus the traditional numbered new releases?

No Magic’s Gibraltar Release / LTR is MagicDraw Version 17.0.2. The "Help->About" menu item will continue to show the old numbering scheme for your convenience. However, the Gibraltar Release / LTR is the first in a series of release sets that are made to accommodate the needs of a huge enterprise customer base who have extended MagicDraw’s capabilities with their own custom add-ons using our open extensible API or DSL engine. These long-term releases are extremely reliable, rock-solid, and provide guaranteed support until the next Gibraltar / LTR Release in approximately two years. Longer-term support (up to five years) for a Gibraltar / LTR Release will be available for an additional charge.

The Gibraltar / LTR Releases will be maintained with service packs for two years to fix any bugs encountered. Three Feature Releases (FR) will follow each Gibraltar / LTR Release each six months apart. The final Feature Release (FR) in the release set will become the candidate for the next Gibraltar / LTR Release.

Q2. What is the value of the Gibraltar / LTR Release to individuals and organizations? Does it cost more?

Gibraltar / LTR Release users can count on having this specific release supported two years versus the traditional six-month release cycle currently available. The only changes to a Gibraltar / LTR Release will be service packs correcting bugs. Any bugs identified or reported on a Gibraltar / LTR Release are expedited.

The Gibraltar / LTR Releases provide guaranteed long-term support, rock-solid stability and reliability. The price is the same as other releases. Gibraltar / LTR Releases will be supported for a longer period of time, two years, and require an active Software Assurance contract. With active Software Assurance, users will receive all updates and support.

Now, customers who have invested in custom add-ons to MagicDraw can plan with confidence when those customizations will need to be updated to a set schedule.

Q3. What is the difference between a Gibraltar / LTR Release and a Feature Release (FR)?

The Feature Release (FR) is typically on a six-month cycle, and is feature-oriented. As new features are implemented each six months, these releases are designed for users seeking the latest feature additions. These features can include introductions of changes to one of the modeling standards, or new productivity enhancements to our product line. The Gibraltar / LTR Releases are on a two-year cycle, and are designed for enterprises that need to stay with a specific release for various business reasons.

Q4. When will the Gibraltar / LTR Release be available?

The first Gibraltar / LTR Release, 17.0.2 was released on July 9, 2012. The next Gibraltar / LTR Release will be every two years. Service packs for each Gibraltar / LTR Release will be as needed.

gibraltar trustQ5. How often will Gibraltar / LTR Releases be available? How often will traditional releases - Feature Releases (FR) be available?

Gibraltar / LTR Releases will be available in approximately two-year intervals.

Feature Releases (FR) will be available approximately every six months

Q6. How do users update from a Gibraltar / LTR Release to the next Gibraltar / LTR Release, if they never upgraded to one of the Feature Releases (FR)?

With all the new releases after this initial Gibraltar / LTR Release, users will be required at the beginning of any update to store a copy of their current work, in case they need to roll back to a previous release after updating. The Gibraltar / LTR Release upgrading to any release will follow the same procedures as any other releases, except extra warnings about not being able to move back to a previous release once you start working in a new release. Gibraltar / LTR to Gibraltar / LTR will automate the migration of your data automatically for most cases, unless major changes are made to the Standards. In this case we will try to provide you with as minimal manual intervention as possible.

Q7. What if I decide to change from a Gibraltar / LTR Release to a Feature Release (FR) after a period of time?

Users can move to a Feature Release (FR) from any Gibraltar / LTR Release. However, Feature Releases (FR) may have changes to underlying features that require more frequent six-month update cycles. The user must commit to this frequent upgrading cycle and will not be able to move back to a Gibraltar / LTR Release cycle until the next Gibraltar / LTR Release (six to eighteen months later). A specific Feature Release (FR) will stop having service packs released for it, when the next Feature Release (FR) is released. Therefore, you will not get bug fixes for old Feature Releases (FR).

Q8. Can some of our licenses be running a Gibraltar / LTR Release and others running Feature Releases (FR)?

Yes. Data shares between versions may or may not be possible. It will depend on what is different in the releases.

Q9. Will all No Magic software be available in Gibraltar / LTR Releases, or just MagicDraw?

All No Magic solutions will be available in a Gibraltar / LTR Release including all MagicDraw versions, Cameo Business Modeler, Cameo Enterprise Architecture, SysML, plugins, and other solutions based on MagicDraw.

Q10. How can I get more information about Gibraltar / LTR Releases?

For more details related to Gibraltar / LTR Releases, please contact your No Magic Account Executive or Customer Support.

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