Installation, Startup and Update: Plugins and Profiles

Unlocking plugins

How to unlock a plugin?

  1. After downloading a plugin you will get the license key file to your mailbox.
  2. Save this key file into the local file system.
  3. Start MagicDraw.
  4. Go to the Help menu -> MagicDraw License Manager and browse for the saved license key file.
  5. Restart MagicDraw.

Unlocking plugin for Floating License Server (for versions below 16.8)

To activate plugin for Floating License you must:

  1. Download/install plugin for MagicDraw client
    Start MagicDraw. From the Help menu, choose the Resource/Plugin Manager command and download/install plugin.
  2. Change Floating License Server unlock key.
    1. Make sure that Floating License Server is stopped.
    2. Start MagicDraw Floating License Server. The Floating License Server dialog box appears.
    3. Click the Unlock Key button.
    4. In the opened Floating License Server Unlock Key dialog box, click the Select Unlock Key File button and browse the key file.
    5. The Floating License Server License Configuration dialog box appears with the license information. Click OK.
    6. Start Floating License Server.
  3. Start MagicDraw with the required plugin.
    1. Start MagicDraw. The Floating License Server Connection dialog box appears. Define connection settings and click OK.
    2. In the appeared Select Edition/Plugin dialog box, select edition. Then open Plugin tab and select plugin.
    3. MagicDraw is started with plugin.

The commercial Plugin license activation (v16.9 or later)

The commercial license activation is required after the purchase transaction has been completed. The activation process allows receiving the commercial license dedicated for the particular machine.


  • One license is given for one machine and for one user. If you have activated as Administrator user, other user on the same machine does not take this license. The end-user should activate license.
  • Only commercial activated licenses are locked to the particular machine.
  • During the activation process, identification and registration is required. Any key file (evaluation, demo, commercial not activated, and other) can be used for the identification of the license owner.
  • Commercial not activated keys allow using the application for 7 days according to obtained licenses, before requesting activation. Not activated keys can be used during activation process for identification of the account on which the purchases are.

Activating a plugin license after the purchase

  1. Download/install plugin for MagicDraw client.
    From the Help menu, choose the Resource/Plugin Manager command and download/install plugin.
  2. Start MagicDraw.

  3. Click the Activate button in License Manager dialog of the application.
  4. Choose online activation and enable commercial activated licenses automatically.

Alternatively, you may select offline activation, get the Host ID, enter it in the license owner account (login to and select License Activation Management menu item at the right side of page), and then download the commercial activated license.

Online activation:

  1. Click the Activate button in the License Manager dialog of the application.
  2. If you will be requested, identify yourself and register.
  3. Select licenses to activate.

Offline activation:

  1. Login to the license owner account at
  2. Click the License Activation Management item in the Members menu (right hand selection).
  3. Click the Create New License Activation Record button and enter user details and the Host ID of the machine.
  4. Download the license key file or send the key file in the email.

Determining a Host ID (for offline activation):

  1. Click the Activate button in the License Manager dialog of the application.
  2. Click Offline Activation.
  3. Host ID is shown.

NOTE: Host ID is the Ethernet address of the machine on, which application will run.

More information about the activation process you may find in the Commercial License Activation page.

Installing the profile

Dowloading and installing the profile directly from MagicDraw:

  1. In the MagicDraw Help menu, click Resource/Plugin Manager. Check for available updates and new resources. (Note: Specify HTTP Proxy Settings for connection to start MagicDraw updates and resources).
  2. Select check box near the required profile and click Download/Install.

Installing profile if you already have the <profile name>.zip downloaded:

  1. In the MagicDraw Help menu, click Resource/Plugin Manager.
  2. Click Import and specify the profile location. The profile will be extracted and installed automatically.

NOTE: We do not recommend to extract and apply downloaded profiles manually.


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