Installing DoDAF plugin

Installing DoDAF plugin

Requirements: MagicDraw must be installed. See the MagicDraw and DoDAF compatibility matrix:

  1. From the Help main menu in MagicDraw application, choose Resource/Plugin Manager. Check for available updates and new resources.
    (Note: Specify HTTP Proxy Settings for connection to start MagicDraw updates and resources).
  2. Select check box near the DoDAF Plugin and click Download/Install.
  3. Restart MagicDraw.

If you already have DoDAF_Plugin_<version>.zip downloaded:

  1. From the Help main menu in MagicDraw application, choose Resource/Plugin Manager.
  2. Click the Import button to specify DoDAF Plugin file location. Plugin will be extracted and installed automatically.
  3. Restart MagicDraw.

To apply DoDAF_Plugin_<version>.zip manually:

  1. Download DoDAF_Plugin_<version>.zip.
  2. Stop MagicDraw.
  3. Unzip downloaded file in the directory where MagicDraw is installed.


  • For Microsoft Windows 7 or Microsoft Windows Vista users. When you are applying the service pack or patch, set your archiver program to run as administrator. In order to do that, open the archivers executable file properties and, in the Compatibility tab, select the Run this program as an administratorcheck box.
  • For Mac OS X users.Copy the DoDAF_Plugin_<version>.zip file to the MagicDraw installation folder. Then using command line go to the MagicDraw folder and unzip DoDAF plugin.
  • After successful DoDAF plugin installation, SysML plugin with diagrams will be available as well, which guide to additional specification, analysis, design, and validation of a broad range of systems and system integrations.

For more information about DoDAF, click here.

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