Installing and Running Teamwork Server

Unlocking Teamwork Server

To unlock MagicDraw Teamwork server with the evaluation license key file:

  1. Download Teamwork Server.
  2. Save the evaluation key file received from your account executive into the computer's local file system.
  3. Make sure that the server has no active connections. Install Teamwork Server if it is not installed yet.
  4. Stop Teamwork Server if it is running (remove it if using NT server).
  5. Go to the License Manager and browse for the saved license key file.
  6. NOTE:To unlock Teamwork Server without a gui, start Teamwork Server with the NOGUI parameter from command line and follow the onscreen instructions.
  7. Start MagicDraw Teamwork Server.

Please refer to the next section Commercial license activation on how to unlock Teamwork Server with the commercial license key file.

Commercial license activation (v16.9 and later)

The commercial license activation is required after the purchase transaction has been completed. The activation process allows receiving the commercial license dedicated for the particular machine.

NOTE: Only commercial activated licenses are locked to the particular machine.

Activating Teamwork Server license after purchase

  1. Sign in the license owner account at
  2. Click License Activation Management on the Members menu on the right side of the website.
  3. Do either:
    • If there is an activation record for your PC, click the Activated products column of this activation record.
    • If there is no activation record for your PC, click the Create New License Activation Record button and then enter your personal information and the Host ID of your PC.
  4. Select the Teamwork Server license to activate.
    IMPORTANT! If you are going to use Teamwork Server 17.0.4 or later, you can specify the client versions that are compatible with the server (Teamwork Server 17.0.4 or later can accept connections from newer versions of client applications). For this, select the appropriate version number in the Teamwork Server Client Version Limit drop-down list. In the result, the selected version, and all the prior versions of client applications, will be able to connect to the server.
    Client version limitation
    Click Save when done. The license key is activated.
  5. Download the license key file or send the key file to your e-mail system.
  6. Open the Teamwork Server <version number> License Manager dialog and specify the location of the license key file.
  7. Start Teamwork Server.

Determining a Host ID

  1. Go to the Teamwork Server, Teamwork License Manager dialog.
  2. Host ID is shown.

NOTE: A Host ID is the Ethernet address of the machine on which application will run.

More information about the activation process you may find in the Commercial License Activation page.


Windows platform

Run the downloaded file MD_UML_<version>_teamwork_server_win.exe. Follow the instructions in the installation program.

UNIX platform

Confirm that X Window server is running. Run the downloaded file MD_UML_<version> Follow the instructions in the installation program.

MAC OS X platform

Confirm that X Window server is running. Run the downloaded file MD_UML_<version>_teamwork_server_mac.dmg and install the application by dropping the launcher to the Applications folder (or another preferred location).

Requires Mac OS X Leopard or Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Java 1.5.0_20 for 32-bit Mac OS X, and Java 1.6.0_20 for 62-bit Mac OS X.

Other Platforms

Extract the downloaded file MD_UML_<version> You can launch the Teamwork Server by opening either teamwork_server.exe or ./teamwork_server in the bin directory.

NOTE: For Microsoft Windows 7 or Microsoft Windows Vista users. When you are applying the service pack or patch, set your archiver program to run as administrator. In order to do that, open the archivers executable file properties and, in the Compatibility tab, select the Run this program as an administrator check box.

These files require some modifications prior to launching them.
Confirm you have JVM installed.

Importing projects from earlier versions of Teamwork Server

If you have projects stored in earlier versions of Teamwork Server, you can import them automatically using MagicDraw GUI, or to do this manually.

To import projects using GUI

  1. After the installation is complete and the Teamwork Server is launched for the first time, the Import Configuration dialog box opens.
  2. The path to the previous Teamwork Server installation, which was found in your computer, is specified in the Location text box. You can change this path by clicking the "…" button.
  3. Select the Import all projects check box to transfer projects to the latest version of Teamwork Server.
  4. Click Import.

To import projects manually

  1. Stop the earlier version of Teamwork Server.
  2. Replace the projects folder of the upgraded Teamwork Server with the projects folder of the earlier version of Teamwork Server. The location of the projects folder depends on the Teamwork Server version (see the following table).

Teamwork Server version Location of projects folder
17.0.3 or earlier <Teamwork Server installation directory>\projects on all operating systems
17.0.4 or later

C:\ProgramData\.magicdrawserver\<version number>\projects on Windows 7/8

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\ApplicationData\.magicdrawserver\<version number>\projects on Windows 2000/XP

C:\WINNT\Profiles\All Users\ApplicationData\.magicdrawserver\<version number>\projects on Windows NT4

<install.root>/projects on other operating systems

IMPORTANT! If you cannot find the particular directory, start Teamwork Server and then stop it. In the result, the directory will be created.

Migrating from the SVN/ClearCase repository to the Built-In repository type

  1. Start the server on the SVN/ClearCase repository.
  2. Open the Administrator's Console, trigger project export. Select a directory to dump the permanently store the projects. This will be the directory in which the server will subsequently operate.
  3. In the Administrator's Console, reconfigure the server for the Built-In repository. Specify the directory where you stored the projects as a directory to work with.
  4. Restart server in order to use this new repository.
  5. Projects are now in a new Built-In repository.

Starting Teamwork Server

To start the server for the first time, run the program teamwork_server from the bin folder and browse the license key when prompted. The key is no longer required the next time the server is run.

NOTE for Unix users: MagicDraw Teamwork Server will work only when the X Window server is started.

Starting the server using GUI

To start the Teamwork Server

  1. Run teamwork_server.exe in the server bin folder. The Teamwork Server startup dialog box opens.
  2. Click the Start Server button.

To change the server license key

  1. Run teamwork_server in the server bin folder. The Teamwork Server startup dialog box opens.
  2. Click the Unlock Key button and then Select Unlock Key File to browse for a file with the Teamwork Server unlock key.

To change the server port for the current launch

  1. Run teamwork_server in the server bin folder. The Teamwork Server startup dialog box opens.
  2. Click the Change Server Port button and enter the new server port. This port is used when launching the server, or when adding the Windows service.

The Teamwork Server exports remote objects through one port: RMI registry port.

Starting the server without using GUI

To start Teamwork Server from the command line

Do one of the following:

  • Add the parameter NOGUI when launching the server from the command line.
  • Launch the teamwork_server_nogui executable file.

To add Teamwork Server to Windows services

  1. Run teamwork_server.exe in the server bin folder. The Teamwork Server startup dialog box appears.
  2. Click the Add Windows Service button. After the service is added, select one of the following:
    1. Start this service from the Windows Services list.
    2. Reboot the computer and the Service will start automatically.
    3. To run the server, click the Start Server button.

NOTE: This feature is available only on Windows operating systems.

IMPORTANT! Windows 7 OS and Windows Vista OS Firewall do not allow remote connections. Hence after adding Teamwork Server to Windows 7 or Windows Vista services, you have to add the Teamwork Server port number 1100 in Windows Firewall Exceptions list. Only then all remote connections to Teamwork Server will be allowed.

Stopping Teamwork Server

To stop Teamwork Server

  • In the <Teamwork Server home>/bin directory, run the stop_teamwork_server.

To stop Teamwork Server on Red Hat Linux

  • In the command line, type the following command:
    service teamwork stop

To remove Teamwork Server from the Windows services

  1. Run teamwork_server in the server bin folder. The Teamwork Server startup dialog box opens.
  2. Click the Remove Windows Service button.

NOTE: This feature is available only on Windows operating systems.


More info about Teamwork server troubleshooting can be found in FAQ.

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