Cameo E2E Bridge : Benefits

inset computer collaborationMid-size to large enterprises use the Cameo E2E Bridge to bring their ideas to market five to six times faster than with conventional integrations. They also reduce their total cost of ownership by 60% and increase their organizational flexibility. Your organization can realize the same efficiencies.

Cameo E2E Bridge Benefits:

  • A completely model-driven approach to integration
  • Save money, time and reduce time to market
  • With the Cameo E2E Bridge, integrations are completed four to five times faster than conventional integrations
  • Small footprint
  • No equipment to buy, the Cameo E2E Bridge is one application
  • The models are the solution, and the documentation is the code
  • Leverage the applications you already have
  • Enrich current systems, your organization does not have to add new systems
  • Bridge the gap between business and IT
  • One version of the truth as seen from the business and IT perspectives

Improved Organizational Productivity

  • One single solution to describe processes, services and interfaces
  • All stakeholders are involved throughout the improvement cycle
  • Business and IT share one common blueprint
  • Full reuse of existing application infrastructure
  • Automatic enforcement of governance policies

The Specification is the Production – the Cameo E2E Bridge provides seamless transparency across the full lifecycle of end-to-end integrated business processes

  • Direct execution of standards-compliant BPMN® and UML® models
  • Model-based quality assessment via model debugger
  • Fully automated test case creation and regression testing
  • Extreme transaction processing up to billions of transactions
  • Small system footprint, low infrastructure requirements

process integration sap salesforce

Reduced Complexity

  • Automatic re-documentation of existing interfaces
  • Automatic wrapping of legacy functions into services
  • Unified description for all back ends and protocols
  • Support for more than 60 application connectors
  • Effective model-based root cause analysis

Clear Separation of Concerns

  • Extraction of non-functional aspects from business services
  • Single point of integration for identity and access management
  • Policy templates for integration of external Cloud services
  • Productivity increase by eliminating conflicting interests
  • Cost reduction for external policy audits due to document is the code

Cameo E2E Bridge - One Solution for the Entire Lifecycle
Executable Specification = Production System

benefit-5 tool for entire lifecycle

All Standard-based adapters and importers
are included in the base configuration

  • Avaloq
  • Axapta
  • Atos IAM
  • Bison
  • BPMN
  • CSS
  • Facebook
  • GotoMeeting
  • GotoWebinar
  • Gypsilon
  • HTML
  • HP OpenView
  • Hybris
  • IBM DB/2
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • JIRA
  • JD Edwards
  • jQuery
  • LinkedIn
  • Magento
  • Magnolia
  • MailChimp
  • MS Dynamics
  • MQTT
  • MySQL
  • Navision
  • Node.js
  • Oxid
  • Oracle DB
  • Oracle FMW
  • Oracle SOA
  • PeopleSoft
  • Prevero
  • RosettaNet
  • Salesforce
  • SAP IDoc
  • SAP tRFC
  • Siebel
  • SuperOffice
  • Sybase
  • SQL Server
  • Teradata
  • WebSphereMQ
  • Wufoo
  • Xing
  • ODBC
  • System
  • Flat Files
  • File System
  • Timers
  • Signals
  • Scheduler
  • Logger
  • Crypto
  • BPMN
  • REST
  • SOAP
  • WSDL
  • Java
  • Java JAR
  • JMS
  • SAP tRFC
  • SAP IDoc
  • XSD
  • XSLT
  • XPath
  • XQuery
  • SMTP
  • POP3
  • MIME
  • Memory
  • FOP
  • FTP
  • FTPS
  • TFTP
  • HTTP
  • DICT
  • FILE
  • LDAP
  • IBM DB/2
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle DB
  • MySQL
  • Informix
  • InterBase
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLBase
  • Sybase
  • RosettaNet
  • Oracle SOA
  • Oracle FMW
  • ISO 8533 Cards
  • Navision
  • Axapta
  • Siebel
  • PeopleSoft
  • JD Edwards
  • EPC
  • XMI

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