Cameo E2E Bridge : Case Studies

Retail/Manufacturing Industry: Unified Retailing for B2B/B2C - ONE Data View


nikon logoBased on time consuming and cost intensive manual procedures in the context of several thousand sales partners, Nikon took up the challenge to invent the perfect buying experience for consumers and dealers alike. All sales procedures had to be rewired in a way that would allow for an integrated view of customer and product information. At the same time, sales processes across 35 countries had to be harmonized and automated in a step-by-step fashion.

In order to protect previous infrastructure investments, the established pan-European SAP system was to be reused as-is. However, this was never conceived to deal with the fluctuating transaction volumes of a direct online business. In addition, Hybris was to be introduced as the new e-Commerce platform, as well as the Fredhopper search engine, several external providers for payment, forward and return logistics, as well as other business commodities; and all atop a state-of-the-art Hybrid Cloud Architecture, to keep running costs under control and to allow for rapid exchange of providers based on business requirements.

About Nikon

Nikon was founded in 1917 in Japan. With 24,400 employees it is the global market leader for digital and precision optics. With an award winning product range comprising of entry level models and professional cameras, Nikon sets new standards in terms of product design and performance. Nikon has more than 90 years experience in manufacturing, making it the preferred brand for photographers around the world.

  • E2E reduced the complexity of integration so much, that business users were able to lead the project.
  • The E2E Bridge was selected based on development speed ability to reduce total cost, architectural flexibility and an unprecedented approach to software quality – the perfect complement to SAP® PI.Laurent Christen
    Head of Direct Sales
    Nikon Europe BV


The purely model-based approach of the E2E Bridge offered the Direct Sales Division at Nikon Europe the possibility to lead and control the implementation of complex tasks in the domains of data integration, transformation and normalization around the new sales processes. This meant that the E2E Bridge was not only the central data hub between the existing internal SAP system and all private and public Cloud solutions. It played also a central role in the daily project communications between technical and nontechnical stakeholders. This led to less misunderstanding and hence drastic project acceleration compared to traditional approaches, by factors.

Integration costs were reduced by more than 40% compared to a project with similar complexity.

Two examples illustrate the gain of business flexibility: (1) using the E2E Bridge, a highly business-relevant change, which was hard to realize within the e-Shop, was implemented and live in production within 4 hours, including documentation and testing. Nikon business was directly involved during the implementation; (2) due to quality issues, Nikon had to select another logistics provider, an undertaking which would normally have taken several months to implement, if not more. With the E2E Bridge, all required interface changes were completed and operational in just 10 days.

Thanks to the drastic project acceleration as well as the unprecedented implementation quality, Nikon was able to go to market with the new sales platform according to its original business plan. The revenue generated during the first months of operation was such that the project cost was fully accounted for at a point in time when, based on a more traditional approach, the project would have still been under development.

Nikon Hybrid Cloud with the E2E Bridge as central data hub

nikon hybrid cloud

Results & Benefits

  • Unified Retailing for B2B & B2C, integrated buying experience for consumers & dealers in 35 European countries
  • ONE view of customer and product information across ALL sales processes, despite distributed data sources
  • ONE source of truth from business specification to daily operational use, thanks to direct model execution
  • 40% less integration cost, SAP system 5 x more rapidly integrated; transparent documentation that is understandable by business & IT
  • Modern interceptor approach offers highest levels of security and control over complete data flow in the Nikon Hybrid Cloud
  • Existing SAP system was reused as-is, E2E Bridge balances dynamic fluctuations in transaction volumes
  • Simple change requests can be routinely implemented in several hours, business is always in the loop
  • Complex interface changes during provider change were implemented in record time
  • High efficiency for implementation of tasks in the domains of data consolidation, transformation and normalization
  • New releases of the E2E Bridge are deployed and operational within minutes and without risk


  • No integrated view of customers and products
  • Manual information exchange with dealers
  • SAP® system not conceived for online operations


  • Unified Retailing for B2B and B2C
  • ONE central data hub for ALL sales
  • Core components in Nikon Hybrid Cloud


  • Integrated buying experience for consumers & dealers
  • Consolidated customer and product information
  • Reuse of existing SAP system


  • 40% less integration cost
  • SAP integrated five times faster
  • Timing of all deliverables according to business plan