Cameo E2E Bridge Overview

An All-in-one Process Integration and Automation Platform

inset bridgeThe Cameo E2E Bridge is a powerful solution for rapid process integration and automation. The solution increases organizational efficiency by ensuring collaboration between business and IT leaders who are seeking shorter project times, reduced project costs and maximum flexibility.


Today's networked economy forces companies to reinvent their core processes. New purchasing behaviour necessitates 7 x 24 operations and supply chains are global rather than local or regional. Business commodities such as payment processing, return logistics and other capabilities are no longer considered core and relocated into the cloud. The challenges facing business today focus on five key road blocks on the road to effective business transformation:

  • Misunderstanding between business and IT are the norm
  • Lack of sharing of critical business information is common
  • 80% of total costs are the result of dated tools and methods
  • Corporate governance and compliance adds additional overhead
  • Starting an integration intiative from scratch is costly and time consuming


The Cameo E2E Bridge is a self-contained process integration and automation solution which eliminates the business challenges indicated above by providing a state-of- the-art methodology to realize the full productivity of your current systems and organization by:

  • Using standards-compliant models to involve all stakeholders, thus providing a common language for communication between business and IT
  • Providing a single source of truth by unifying specification, implementation and production through direct model execution
  • Achieving full transparency from process to application, using models across the stack to improve contextual understanding
  • Enabling a clear separation of concerns by removing non-functional capabilities to allow for effective policy management
  • Simplifying the integration of complex disparate systems by providing a common description format

Mid-size to large companies and institutions use the Cameo E2E Bridge to bring their ideas to market five to six times faster than conventional integrations, reduce their total cost of ownership by 60% and increase their organizational flexibility. Your organization can realize the same efficiencies.


The Cameo E2E Bridge is certified for SAP, Oracle and Microsoft and is based on the ISO 25001 quality standard. So no matter what shape the IT/integration challenge is that your organization faces, the Cameo E2E Bridge offers one solution for the entire lifecycle.

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Cameo E2E Bridge Explained

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The Cameo E2E Bridge uses models and their common visual language to involve all stakeholders from day one and at critical planning stages, thus facilitating direct communication between business and IT and eliminating misunderstandings.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

C-Level executives using the Cameo E2E Bridge as part of their M&A integration strategy will realize significant benefits. These include gains in efficiency, time to market and organizational productivity, and reductions in cost and complexity vs conventional M&A integrations, without customer loss.

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