2015 Marks No Magic's 20th Anniversary

no magic 20 years logo 400pxEstablished July, 1995, No Magic was founded with the single vision that there is "no magic" to developing better software. Company leadership believed that investing in rigorous staff training and in a disciplined software development process were key factors in enabling company success. In January, 1996 the Lithuanian Software Development center was founded in Kaunas, Lithuania. Kaunas is also the location of the Baltic States largest Technology University.

The No Magic staff grew rapidly in the first year and by 1997 the staff had grown by four times. Also at this time, the company was taking on larger and larger software projects. As project/engagement complexity grew, so did the need for sophisticated development and design tools. The No Magic staff used OMT and Booch methods, which were the prevalent design methods during that time. The most popular OMT tool then was Rational Rose. No Magic made the decision to acquire licenses for the whole team. Paul Duncanson, the company founder, called the Rational representatives asking for a price quote. The answer– a single license was $3,800. "How much would it cost if I buy 12 of these?" "Oh, that's pretty easy," answered the salesperson. "Just multiply $3,800 by 12." A $46,000 price tag for 12 Rational licenses was price-prohibitive for a new startup. As a result of this, Paul Duncanson determined that a more viable approach for the company would be to develop their own tool, especially knowing that in time, the need for additional licenses would grow.

Java and UML were emerging technologies, so the decision was made to develop the company's own No Magic's UML drawing tool which was called MagicDiagrams.

Soon after, the project name was changed to MagicDraw, and an alpha version was released in January 1998. The alpha release version contained class diagrams only. The team took on an aggressive development schedule, and by July, 1998 MagicDraw version 1.0 was released. Version 1.0 featured all nine UML diagrams and included new activity diagrams that were not yet available in the existing Rational Rose product. It took Rational Rose two years to even catch up with MagicDraw to support all nine UML Diagrams.

The first Internet order for MagicDraw came from Japan. Many other online orders followed soon after. It appeared that another drawing tool was needed in the market (especially knowing the high price tag of other UML tools). As a result of this demand, MagicDraw development continued at an even faster rate. Two months after the initial release, MagicDraw was awarded the prestigious 100% Pure Java Certification by Sun Microsystems. In the next three years, No Magic made the transition to a product company, where product revenues grew from 5% in 1998 to 86% in 2001. In late 1999, to further expand the business, the company's Thailand development center (No Magic Asia Limited) was founded in Bangkok.

Since that time, MagicDraw has gained enormous popularity among users. In 2002, the product received the prestigious Java Developer's Journal Award as the Best Java Modeling Tool and Best Team Development Tool. Today, No Magic continues to invest in tools for developers. The company continues to expand the MagicDraw product line to feature tools not only for the designer but also for IT and business professionals, specifically software and business architects.

The concept, "No Magic Accelerates the Model Driven Enterprise" is just as true today as it was a decade ago.

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