Mission Statement

No Magic's purpose is two-fold: to create software products showcasing the most powerful solutions available to engineers and programmers today, and to provide professional services including training, consulting, and custom development.

no-magic-inc 03By maintaining the highest level of commitment to quality and service, No Magic has established itself as a leading Technical and Business IT Solutions provider. Our company adheres to the core values of striving for excellence, treating clients, customers, and partners with honesty and respect.

Following these principles helps position us as the ideal choice for clients, employees and business partners.

Our clients select us because we:

  • Strive to understand their needs
  • Propose alternative, economical solutions
  • Always fulfill professional obligations on-time and on budget

no-magic-inc 04Our employees choose us because we:

  • Set challenging goals
  • Compensate for results
  • Encourage positive thinking
  • Provide a work and social environment conducive to professional growth

Our partners team with us because we:

  • Share the business risk and costs
  • Share technologies and know-how
  • Increase market visibility, expand current markets and open new markets
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