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Video Interviews

richard soley on standards 200px
Richard Soley on
richard soley on big-data and modeling 200px
Richard Soley on
Big Data and Modeling
cliff-chaney-no-magic-interview-2011 200px
Cliff Chaney on ACORD
and No Magic Solutions
john-zachman-no-magic-interview-2011 200px
John Zachman on
Architecture and Modeling
kent-laursen-no-magic-interview-2011 200px
Kent Laursen on
using MagicDraw
liv-watson-interview-2011 200px
Liv Watson on XBLR
and MagicDraw>
robert-baillargeon-no-magic-interview-2011 200px
Robert Baillargeon on
nick-graham-no-magic-interview-2011 200px
Nick Graham on
Global Data Security
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