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Webinar 7 2015 - Enabling Domain-Specific Extensions to SysML MBSE

Thursday, 12 November 2015
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM EET

When adopting model-based systems engineering (MBSE), SysML is considered as a standard modeling language to be used. SysML provides core concepts and diagrams, but it still needs to be tailored for use in a specific domain, e.g. healthcare, automotive, defense, etc., and for enabling company-specific modeling approach, e.g. differentiating between functional, logical, and physical abstraction levels. The session presents a systematic approach how to design and enable domain-specific extensions to SysML based a small example of defining requirement types with additional properties and special rules for requirements model completeness and consistency.

The session demonstrates
  • A small case study of extending SysML concepts for supporting company-specific approach to requirements management
  • How to design domain-specific metamodel and map it to the extensions of SysML stereotypes
  • How to define stereotype customizations to turn a stereotype into a first-class modeling concept inside MagicDraw/Cameo Systems Modeler
  • How to define specific validation rules to check for requirements model completeness and consistency
  • How to create a custom diagram definition to enable a convenient way to create domain-specific or company-specific requirements diagrams
  • How to define a small reference model to be used as a test case and as a basis for learning about the new approach in the organization
The session is hosted by Dr. Darius Silingas, Head of Solutions Department at No Magic Europe
Webinar 7 2015 - Enabling Domain-Specific Extensions to SysML

Dr. Darius Silingas has been working at No Magic since 1998. Currently, he acts as Head of Solutions Department at No Magic Europe and takes responsibility of helping strategic clients to adopt MagicDraw/Cameo Systems Modeler as a platform for effective model-based systems engineering practices. He has run hundreds of training & consulting sessions at many well-known organizations in 23 countries. A significant part of this work was focused on helping organizations to define and use extensions to standard modeling languages like SysML and UML to enable domain-specific concepts or company-specific modeling approach. Darius often speaks and writes about model-based systems, software, and business engineering. Darius has got Ph.D. in Informatics, and he is OMG Certified Expert in BPM, UML, and Systems Modeling.

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