Webinar 8 2016 - Timing and Duration Analysis MBSE

Tuesday, 22 November 2016
03:00 PM GMT, 09:00 AM CST, 10:00 AM EST 4:00 PM CET
During this webinar, you will learn how MagicDraw with Cameo Simulation Toolkit can be used to verify how particular system design satisfies time, duration, or performance requirements.
The session demonstrates
  • Timing concepts, different clocks, time steps
  • Time units
  • Time and duration constraints
  • Duration simulation, parallel processes
  • Timelines

The presentation takes about fifty minutes and the question-answer section – about ten. The audience are able to submit questions in a written form throughout the webinar.

The session is hosted by Nerijus Jankevicius, MBSE Product Manager at No Magic Europe
Webinar 8 2016 - Timing and Duration Analysis

Nerijus Jankevicius is a Product Manager at No Magic Inc, managing and envisioning the Model-Based Systems Engineering environment development. During 19 years at No Magic, he was actively and deeply involved into development of MagicDraw, SysML plugin and Cameo Simulation Toolkit, helping to make them one of the most recognized MBSE solutions on the market.

During more than 10 years, Nerijus also contributed to UML and SysML standards working groups at Object Management Group (OMG), becoming one of the leading UML/SysML experts and consultants, one of the first OMG Certified Advanced UML 2.0 Professionals in Europe.

Nerijus delivered workshops and trainings in Systems Modeling and Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) at major facilities in research and industry like NASA/JPL, Bombardier Transportation, GE Transportation, Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace, Pratt & Whitney Canada, BAE Systems, MITRE and others, gave various presentations and talks at international conferences.

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