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MagicDraw Enhances Capability for Modeling DoDAF Compliant Architectures

No Magic releases the exciting new DoDAF plugin for MagicDraw, supporting Department of Defense Architecture Framework for development of enterprise architecture.


Plano, TX, February 1, 2007. No Magic, Inc.®, a leading vendor of architecture modeling software, today announced the release of DoDAF plugin 2.0 for MagicDraw® UML 12.0, as a separate extension to their award winning modeling tool MagicDraw. The DoDAF plugin adds enhanced capability for modeling DoDAF compliant architectures by supporting all DoDAF products in the DoDAF specification, including DoDAF specific diagrams and other required diagrams from UML and SysML.


 “No Magic, being the thought leader member of the UML Profile for DoDAF/MODAF (UPDM) team in the Object Management Group, has implemented modeling of DoDAF compliant architectures in MagicDraw by adding robust support for all DoDAF products. All these products are integrated with the underlying model, even tabular and matrix-like products. Our solution creates a complete integrated architecture for managers, architects, developers and others,” said Gary Duncanson, President of No Magic.


"The OMG is where modeling standards happen – from UML and BPMN to critical defense modeling technologies like DoDAF and SysML.  No Magic, as a leading vendor and a leader in the OMG standards forum, is well-positioned with their new defense modeling tools to make a huge, positive impact on the modeling and simulation marketplace," said Dr. Richard Soley, OMG Chairman and CEO.


The DoDAF perspective (the custom view of the interface for DoDAF modeling) includes additional usability features to meet the framework user's needs. It is easy to create integrated DoDAF products and maintain their inter-relationships. MagicDraw will create integrated architecture, supporting all types of relationships between elements in separate products or views. Modification of the model will result in the automatic updates of the referenced elements.


The DoDAF plugin for MagicDraw provides a user friendly way of working with DoDAF products that are not standard UML diagrams. UML specifics are hidden in order to concentrate on the DoDAF core data. MagicDraw provides specific diagram toolbars, element icons, relation connection rules, specific model validation rules and new specification windows. In addition, there is a DoDAF template that assists users both in navigation of large projects and helping with workflow to create the many pieces of a DoDAF architecture.


Similar to our SysML support, our DoDAF support is packaged as a plugin to the MagicDraw UML 12.0 tool and is available for purchase by new and existing customers. For those of you unfamiliar, SysML is a general-purpose graphical modeling language for specifying, analyzing, designing, and verifying complex systems that may include hardware, software, information, personnel, procedures, and facilities. SysML is a subset of the DoDAF implementation for MagicDraw.


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Pricing and Availability


For additional information about MagicDraw UML or to try our free trial versions of SySML or DoDAF, visit us online at Full unlimited evaluation keys are available by registering online and emailing


MagicDraw UML is now available for purchase in six editions and under three license types starting from Personal Edition ($149). Standard Edition begins from $499, Professional Edition from $899, Enterprise Edition from $1,599.


The SysML plugin for MagicDraw is now available with the special limited time introductory price of $249.

The DoDAF plugin for MagicDraw is now available with the special limited time introductory price of $400 or $300 if bought at same time as SysML plugin. The DoDAF plugin requires the SysML plugin, as it builds on top of part of the capabilities of SysML.


Free Community Edition and free Academic Personal Site License are available.


About No Magic


No Magic Inc. is headquartered in Plano, Texas with operations worldwide. In 1998 No Magic released MagicDraw UML version 1.0, and since then, the tool has won numerous awards from the world’s most prestigious developers’ journals. MagicDraw is complemented by a growing portfolio of industry standard plugins such as SysML and DoDAF.  In addition to the continued development of MagicDraw, No Magic, Inc. also provides software development outsourcing, consulting, enterprise architecture, business process, training services from a group of professional experts in all areas of the SDLC.


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