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Newly Released MagicDraw 12.0 Strengthens Its Standards Support with SysML

No Magic has just released a new plug-in for MagicDraw that supports the OMG™ SysML® for standards based system engineering. The new version of MagicDraw now delivers model validation and dependency matrix enhancing model analysis capabilities. Multiple advanced elements of UML, C# and C++ code engineering updates, along with usability improvements were added.


Plano, TX, December 8, 2006. No Magic, Inc.®, a leading vendor of architecture modeling software, today announced the release of MagicDraw® UML 12.0. An enhancement of No Magic’s award-winning UML-based architecture modeling tool adds new SysML plug-in 1.0, as a separate extension product. Also, MagicDraw 12.0 extends its support of model analysis by adding model validation and the dependency matrix capabilities. Additionally, new release delivers C# and C++ code engineering updates, and improvements with the new advanced elements in UML support.


Systems Modeling Language (SysML™) adoption by the Object Management Group™ (OMG™) was a critical step standardizing a common language platform for systems engineering. The next step is the implementation of the SysML standard by modeling tool vendors. Thus, MagicDraw UML, committed to be the most complete standards compliant solution by adding support of OMG SysML™ for standards based system engineering. SysML support is packaged as an add-on plug-in product to the MagicDraw UML 12.0 tool and is available for purchase by new and existing customers. 


“We were excited that OMG adopted the final SysML specification. No Magic as an influencing member of the Object Management Group had started the implementation in MagicDraw before the adoption. We firmly believed that SysML will have significant benefits to improve communications between the system engineering teams and help manage system complexity. We chose to offer robust support for SysML to compliment best of breed UML 2 support already in MagicDraw,” said Gary Duncanson, President of No Magic.


Additionally, the new version delivers new powerful model analysis capabilities by adding model validation and a dependency matrix. Validation allows users to check model completeness and correctness automatically. As a result, users no longer have to check their models manually. In addition, users have ability to add their own validation rules and use these rules to check the model’s validity. The Dependency Matrix visualizes relationships of a large system in a compact way, thus allowing users to enhance their ability manage the complexity of the system.


The newly released MagicDraw UML 12.0 adds multiple improvements and updates. The existing C# and C++ code engineering feature were updated to support the new specifications fully. The number of advanced UML elements and modeling improvements gives the sophisticated means and flexibility for MagicDraw users to create their architectures in the fastest way.


Pricing and Availability


Information about MagicDraw UML and to try our free trial version is available online at


MagicDraw UML is now available for purchase in six editions and under three license types starting from Personal Edition ($149). Standard Edition begins from $499, Professional from $899, Enterprise from $1,599.


The SysML plug-in for MagicDraw is now available with the special limited time introductory price of $249.


Teamwork Solution - Along with single licenses, our Teamwork Server can help team collaboration and is available in three editions: 2-5 Connections ($1,495) 6-10 Connections ($2,995) and 10+ Connections ($5,995). Educational and government discounts are available.


Software Assurance Contracts allow customers to receive the new releases with prices starting at $39* (Personal), $99* (Standard), $199* (Professional), $319* (Enterprise), $255* (Teamwork Server). (* If bought with the original purchase.)


Free Community Edition and free Academic Personal Site License are available.


About No Magic


Founded in 1995, No Magic Inc. is headquartered in Plano, Texas with operations worldwide. In 1998 No Magic released MagicDraw UML version 1.0, the first large scale application completely developed in Java, earning Sun’s “100% Java Application” credential. The tool has won numerous awards from the world’s most prestigious developers’ journals. In addition to the continued development of MagicDraw, No Magic, Inc. also provides software development outsourcing, consulting, enterprise architecture, business process, training services from its software development facilities in the Plano, Texas, Kaunas, Lithuania and Bangkok, Thailand.


About SysML


SysML is a general-purpose graphical modeling language for specifying, analyzing, designing, and verifying complex systems that may include hardware, software, information, personnel, procedures, and facilities. For more information on SysML, please visit


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