No Magic and DEISER collaborate to provide a localized MagicDraw version

for Spanish speaking markets.


One of the Top Selling UML Modeling and CASE Tools is Now Available in Spanish!



Golden, Colorado; Madrid, Spain – March 12, 2002 – No Magic, Inc.® and its value added reseller in Spain -- DEISER Desarrollo y Servicios -- today announce the availability of a Spanish language version of MagicDraw UML 5.1, the latest version of No Magic’s visual UML modeling and CASE tool with teamwork support. This development tool is designed to increase productivity for Business Analysts, Software Analysts, Programmers, QA Engineers and Documentation Writers. The tool facilitates analysis and design of Object Oriented systems and databases. MagicDraw supports the latest standards of Java, UML and XMI and provides the industry's best code engineering mechanism, with full round-trip support for Java, C++ and CORBA IDL programming languages. MagicDraw also provides database schema modeling, DDL generation and reverse engineering facilities. MagicDraw UML is one of the few UML modeling tools supporting all 9 UML diagrams and checking of diagram semantics.


DEISER Desarrollo y Servicios translated MagicDraw UML into Spanish for No Magic, and now Spanish-speaking developers now may make full use of the power of UML modeling for source code engineering.


“We are proud to offer MagicDraw to the Spanish-speaking market. I am confident our Spanish language version will benefit developers using Java and other Object-Oriented languages as well as database developers who speak Spanish,” said No Magic’s Saulius Kaukenas, MagicDraw Product Manager. “At No Magic, we are responsive to the needs of our customers and this Spanish language version of MagicDraw responds to the needs of Spanish-speaking developers worldwide.”


“There is a large user base we are pleased to cover not only here in Spain but throughout the Spanish-speaking world. We think MagicDraw is the product and No Magic the company to watch in the coming years as No Magic and its products make their way to the top of the industry”, said Daniel Luengo, DEISER Product Manager. “We are proud of our strategic relationship with No Magic and both companies are confident that MagicDraw will soon be one of the most popular tools in the Spanish market!”


Pricing and Availability


MagicDraw UML 5.1 is available for immediate purchase in four editions: Professional ($699), Professional Floating ($999), Standard ($299), and Standard Floating ($499).


MagicDraw UML Teamwork Solution. Along with single seat developer licenses, a team unifying solution is also available – The MagicDraw UML Teamwork Server is available in two editions: 2-10 Connections ($2,995) and 10+ Connections ($5,995).


DEISER will offer MagicDraw within its Global Strategy called the DEISER ENTERPRISE PROCESS. This Strategy offers a complete suite of solutions to companies of every size and description who want to deploy Object-Oriented Processes based on UML. This Global Strategy will allow that organization to either purchase MagicDraw separately or as a part of a bigger solution (MagicDraw, training, services, IT needs assessment, etc.)


About MagicDraw™ UML


MagicDraw UML is one of the leading UML Modeling CASE tools that is cross-platform compatible with features that include:


A handy UML Editor -- Cut/copy/paste and undo/redo functions along with it’s user friendly, customizable GUI lets you express your ideas in UML quickly and precisely. The entire UML 1.3 specification is supported. If you are preparing documentation that needs UML diagrams in it, MagicDraw is a must -- it can convert drawn diagrams to a wide variety of bitmap and scalable formats: jpeg, png, svg, dxf, eps, and wmf.


A powerful Code Engineering Tool -- You can construct a UML model, generate source code from it, write more code by hand or in your favorite IDE, then reverse the code, make changes in MagicDraw UML and then merge your model with the code. No details are lost, whether editing the model or the code. Seamless integration with JBuilder and Forte For Java are currently supported. Other IDEs may also be used with MagicDraw UML.


A UML Model Reporting Facility - Based on the XSL files, you can generate custom HTML reports for each model element. MagicDraw UML allows you to select what parts of the model to include and how the report should look.


An Object-Oriented Model Analysis Tool - If you need your Object-Oriented model expressed with UML, MagicDraw UML can generate package dependency diagrams, recover and display inheritance trees, or track any other kind of relation as a method parameter or a return value, such as dependencies, associations, realizations and class usage.


A Custom Object-Oriented Model Generator - MagicDraw UML can generate parts of the model automatically. You can select any object and generate the classes necessary to make it conform to a GoF Design Pattern, make an EJB component out of it or convert it to the class that can be accessed remotely in accordance with the Java RMI specification.


Team Modeling Collaboration Tool - More than one developer can work on the same Object-Oriented model files. The UML model is stored in the Teamwork Server repository. A developer can lock-out part of the model and work on that part separately. Later the changes can be committed to the server, and shared with the rest of the development team. The Teamwork Server works much like a source code version control system.


Database Modeling Tool - You can design database schema using UML class diagrams and then generate its DDL code. If you want to analyze the structure of an existing database, you can reverse engineer it via a JDBC bridge.


Besides Spanish, MagicDraw development tool now comes in five other languages: English, German, Japanese, Korean and Thai.


More detailed information about MagicDraw and full feature list is available at


About No Magic


Founded in 1995, No Magic is headquartered in Golden, Colorado with operations worldwide. In addition to product development, No Magic also provides software development outsourcing services from its software development facilities in the United States and development centers in Kaunas, Lithuania and Bangkok, Thailand. No Magic’s clients include Ericsson, Alcatel, Texas Instruments, Sun Microsystems, and Hewlett-Packard. No Magic is the only offshore outsourcing company offering a major commercial software development tool.


Additional information about No Magic’s products and development services can be obtained by visiting one of our web sites at: or, by emailing, or calling our National Sales and Support Office at (972) 527-9377.  Additional sales and corporate information may be obtained from No Magic’s Corporate Headquarters by calling (303) 215-9955 option 2, then ext. 3.


About DEISER Desarrollo y Servicios

Founded in 1997, DEISER Desarrollo y Servicios is located in Madrid, Spain. One of the most productive and popular services offered by DEISER has been the integration of Modelling Tools and Methods within client companies.  DEISER’S talented and skilled professionals have over ten years’ in these fields. DEISER’S customers look to DEISER to provide the vision and skills necessary for those companies to grow and expand their Information Technology systems, products and services. DEISER’S customers include Accenture, Informática El Corte Inglés, Iveco-Pegaso (Grupo Fiat), MAN Vehículos Industriales and Fujitsu.


Additional information about DEISER´s products and services can be obtained by emailing, by calling DEISER’S offices in Madrid, Spain at 902 190 480, or by visiting our web site at DEISER will shortly launch a Technology Portal ( as a forum for discussions about products, services, methods and any issue related to Information Technology. The forum will be publicly available the last week in March.