No Magic Announces Storyboarding
with the Availability of Cameo™ Requirements+ 3.0

Cameo™ Requirements+ Enhances Requirements Gathering with Multimedia Files and Storyboarding

Plano, TX – 04 May 2009: No Magic, Inc. announces the availability of both Cameo Requirements+ version 3.0 and CameoDataHub version 3.0.  Cameo™ Requirements+ is the first requirements product of its kind to provide the inherent capability to define your business in the preferred terminology and vocabulary that best describes your business. Cameo Requirements+ 3.0 introduces the storyboarding concept, in which artifacts (such as user model, detailed user stories and scenarios) may be directly captured into the project requirements. Cameo™ DataHub 3.0 enhances traceability between your requirements gathering/analysis to your design/development.  In this release of DataHub, support is added for the defining of data-typed hierarchies as well as Telelogic DOORS data attribute enhancements.  Automatic insertion of the Containment Relation during importing of requirements to the SysML Requirement diagram in MagicDraw is also added to Cameo™ DataHub 3.0.


“Not only does Cameo™ Requirements+ permanently capture, store, and manage requirements knowledge in textual form, but it also supports the ability to store multimedia artifacts such as graphic images, audio and video clips to help Business Analysts cope with the fast-changing needs of today’s corporate enterprises”, said Gary Duncanson, President and CEO of No Magic, Inc.  “In addition, the concept of storyboarding can now be captured with the same ease as using paper and pencil — only with Cameo™ Requirements+ it is easier to manage and subsequently publish for review.”


Cameo™ Requirements+ provides Executives, Managers, Domain Experts, Business Analysts and others a common platform to collaborate by participating in requirements planning. But even more importantly, this fourth-generation product is based upon a data repository based on a completely open and scalable architecture.


Cameo™ Requirements+ provides a customizable schema for Domain Experts to define their specific structure, vocabulary and business elements along their relationships. The schema is based on the industry standard Eclipse eCore implementation (EMF, OMG’s MOF standard), ensuring business elements, associated relationships, as well as constraints and rules can be embedded into the schema. This domain specific schema is the foundation of the requirements engineering process.


Data may be shared in realtime between leading requirements management tools and Cameo™ Requirements+ through utilization of Cameo™ DataHub. This means an organization can maximize its existing investment of software capital by using multi-vendor requirements tools even across different operating system platforms.  Cameo™ DataHub is a powerful data bridge solution that enables the import/export, automatic synchronization and creation of references between Cameo™ Requirements+, MagicDraw®, SysML Plugin, DoDAF Plugin, Telelogic® DOORS®, Rational® RequisitePro®, and CSV files.


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One of the most respected providers of standards-compliant architecture and business modeling offerings in the industry celebrates its 11th year anniversary of its product line in 2009.  The Cameo™ Suite supports the full enterprise application life-cycle from business requirements/planning through and including final testing with award-winning, OMG® standards-compliant products that efficiently model your organizational structure, business processes, applications, information and technology.  MagicDraw® supports multiple domain-specific models based on UML including:  BPMN, SysML, DoDAF/UPDM, MDD, unit testing, data modeling and more.  Professional services include training, consulting, custom applications and MagicDraw® product customizations such as custom modeling domain diagrams, requirements management, team collaboration, design and analysis.

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