Modeling Benefits

Manage Complexity

no-magic-inc 11Modeling is essential in complexity management. Modeling benefits include:

  • Viewing systems from multiple perspectives
  • Discovering causes and effects using model traceability
  • Improving system understanding through visual analysis
  • Discovering errors earlier and reducing system defects
  • Exploring alternatives earlier in the system lifecycle
  • Improving impact analysis, identifying potential consequences of a change, or estimating modifications to implement a change
  • Simulating system solutions without code generation

Preserve Knowledge and Corporate Memory

Modeling helps enterprises preserve knowledge and corporate memory by:

  • Storing the corporate memory in a versioned repository
  • Enabling quick and easy understanding of your systems within an organization by all members of your teams
  • Assisting new team members in getting up to speed quickly


Modeling helps you reuse parts of existing information and knowledge in your new projects, saving time and money.


Modeling facilitates automation including these examples:

  • Automate generation of a real working system or part of a system from models
  • Automate repeatable tasks by writing scripts
  • Use thousands of shortcuts and features for getting the expected results in a single click
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