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MagicDraw UI Modeling

The User Interface modeling feature provides a user interface prototyping capability for MagicDraw. From now on GUI mock-ups can be part of the design in the same domain and environment as the model.

User Interface Modeling Diagram is available together with MagicDraw 16.6 and later versions.

Key Benefits

  • WYSIWYG, robust, prototyping capable
  • Rapidly create realistic UI prototypes
  • Integrate UI with UML specifications, trace to requirements and design
  • Fast feedback from prospective users - re use feedback in subsequent designs
  • Use in storyboarding or create HTML reports to demonstrate and simulate user interface for client, validate usability, and reduce miscommunication
  • And more...

Key Features

  • Includes variety of elements for application interface modeling
  • Look and Feel support: Windows XP, MAC, etc.
  • UI prototyping: navigation through modeled UI with hyperlinks
  • Standard MagicDraw usability:
    • On diagram editing
    • Autosize
    • Layout
    • Reusability
    • Nesting
  • Symbol properties support: Fill color, Font, Text color
  • Predefined UI Items: toolbar items with icons, common buttons
  • Standard MagicDraw features:
    • Documentation generation
    • Image export into JPG, PNG, TIFF, and other,
    • Print
    • Collaborate in Teamwork environment
    • Save as XML
    • Model and diagram linking with other modeling artifacts
    • Custom validation

Build UI prototypes to meet the following objectives:

  • To provide ability for rapid creation of prototypes that integrates UML and software design specification
  • To ensure complete integration of software design and specifications
  • To get rapid feedback from prospective users
  • To reuse user feedback for a follow-up project
  • To get "buy-in" from stakeholders
  • To assist business analysts gather requirements
  • To implement usability test before a full production
  • To test an architecture
  • To test interaction widgets (a new text field, for example)
  • To resolve flow issues when you have screenshots of what your application should look like
  • To create storyboarding
  • To create browsable UI prototypes / GUI simulations


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