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  • Requirements Engineering

    Enable more rigorous requirements traceability with
    model-based requirements engineering approach
  • Design

    Engage models to improve communications
    and enhance system design integrity
  • Analysis and Simulation

    Gain system understanding without manipulating the real system
  • Verification and Validation

    Perform early, and on-going, requirements validation
    and design verification
  • Product Lifecycle Management

    Manage the evolution of the system through the SE lifecycle

No Magic's MBSE Solution

No Magic's Model-based Systems Engineering Solution is the most standards compliant application of modeling to support:

  • System Requirements
  • Analysis and Simulation
  • Design
  • Verification and Validation

We speak the common language - Systems Modeling Language (SysML 1.4) - which is understood across a significant proportion of the systems engineering community.

Key benefits

Our solution enhances the ability to capture, analyze, share and manage the information associated with the complete specification of a product, resulting in the following benefits:

  • Improved communications among the stakeholders.
  • Increased ability to manage system complexity by enabling a system model to be viewed from multiple perspectives, and to analyze the impact of changes.
  • Improved product quality by providing an unambiguous and precise model of the system that can be evaluated for consistency, correctness and completeness.
  • Enhanced knowledge capture and reuse of the information by capturing information in more standardized ways and leveraging built-in abstraction mechanisms inherent in model driven approaches. This in turn can result in reduced cycle time and lower maintenance costs to modify the design.
  • Improved ability to teach and learn systems engineering by providing a clear and unambiguous representation of the concepts.

Executive Overview Technical Overview

MBSE Case Studies

  • 60 no magic 60 nasa

    Value of SysML Modeling During System Operations

    Research by NASA JPL and California Institute of Technology for the Dawn spacecraft

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  • 60 incose 60 eso

    World's biggest eye on the sky

    The Active Phasing Experiment (APE) technology demonstrator for future Extremely Large Telescope (ELT)

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  • 60 no magic 60 lockheed martin

    Submarine Warfare Federated Tactical System

    MBSE was adopted to manage configurations to handle complexity, increase productivity, and save costs.

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  • 60 nasa 60 incose

    Modeling & Simulation of CubeSat Mission

    The CubeSat modeling framework illuminates a path to an integrated model-based engineering environment.

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