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Case Studies

Healthcare Industry: Bernafon


„We are manufacturing hearing instruments and accessories for them (e.g. remote controls). We use MBSE for the development projects that realize these products“



Mr. Jesko G. Lamm,
Senior Systems Engineer at Bernafon AG
Co-founder of the FAS working group of GfSE


  • Manage the Complexity faced by Systems Engineers 
  • Improve communications within the engineering project teams
  • Ensure consistency among design artifacts
  • Reuse existing specifications from similar projects


  • Adopt MBSE to Enable a More Efficient Systems Engineering Process
  • Provide Intuitive MBSE tools for Engineers
  • Develop own processes for MBSE based on SYSMOD and the functional perspective that comes with the FAS method
  • Make system model a single source of truth
  • Use different views on the model to show different development teams their focused view of the system under development


  • New projects can be planned and broken down efficiently based on existing models from similar projects
  • People in development can communicate with clear context and terminology
  • Everyone in development is working with up-to-date information because our models are a single source of truth for the architecture of our systems and the terminology used


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