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2005 Company News

Welcome to our new web site that has a fresh look and feel. This new site includes more detailed information. You can read No Magic's history, browse through our representative products description and much more. We would enjoy hearing your feedback.

Our annual shareholders meeting took place this Friday. The Board welcomes a third member – Inga Banyte. Inga Banyte, Managing Director of our Lithuanian Development Center has over 8 years of experience in the IT business. She holds MBA from Kaunas University of Technology.

JavaOne show has ended yesterday. This was one of many JavaOne shows that No Magic had the pleasure of showing our award winning technology. The show was a great success and our booth attracted more visitors than ever before. The No Magic sweepstakes did take place both on the floor and after the show, the winner of the two major prizes – MagicDraw Enterprise editions should be announced soon. Here are some pictures if you unable to see us at JavaOne 2005.

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