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2013 Company News

no magic ut dallas design team 1
Left to right: Dr. Eric Wong, Don Proeschel, Jonathan Bucio, Alejandra Valles, Ken Nakano , Tim Anderson

Congratulations to the No Magic University of Texas at Dallas Design team! They finished first out of 18 teams who presented their semester projects at the University of Texas at Dallas on December 13, 2013. This means that of the three project teams that No Magic has sponsored in the past two years, we have achieved a second place and a first place award, finishing ahead of teams sponsored by Raytheon, Texas Instruments, Cisco and others.

The team of four Software Engineering students was ably led by Tim Anderson, No Magic Senior Manager of Operations, who kept the team on track to complete their objectives, and helped them overcome some of their technical obstacles. Team members included Alejandra Valles, Raul Quinonez, Jonathan Bucio, and Ken Nakano. Kyle Wippert, No Magic Senior Sales Engineer, helped the team with engineering consultation assistance. Lonnie VanZandt, No Magic Chief Architect, proposed the project idea and provided high-level technical assistance. Don Proeschel, No Magic Director of Federal Systems, provided executive oversight and review of the project during the semester. UT Dallas Professor Dr. Eric Wong was the team's instructor and university sponsor.

no magic ut dallas design team 2
Left to right: Jonathan Bucio, Ken Nakano, Alejandra Valles, Raul Quinonez

The project is a Google Hangouts plugin to MagicDraw®, which allows multiple team members to view their MagicDraw screens and make edits while collaborating in real time. The team presented No Magic with a notebook detailing their work. This notebook included a Software Project Management Plan, a Software Requirements Document, Social Networking Market Research, a Software Architecture Document, a Detailed Design Document, Developers' Notes and a Final Report. Zac Evans, the UT Dallas Johnsson Business School team member, will provide No Magic with a market assessment of the plugin. - March 04, 2013

HAMMOND │Purdue University Calumet on Monday honored two former students, brothers Gary and Paul Duncanson, who donated cutting-edge industrial software to the campus for instructional purposes.

The brothers, who are Hammond natives, are behind the Texas-based software company No Magic Inc. Their partnership with Purdue Calumet involves not only the donation of the $150,000 Cameo Suite of software, which includes MagicDraw, but also the dedication of the Duncanson/No Magic Modeling, Simulation and Analysis Computer Information Technology and Graphics Laboratory in the university's computer education building.

"We like to give back to the community we grew up in," Gary Duncanson said. "I deal with a lot of universities around the country, and this area is near and dear to my heart. Being able to help put out a good quality of engineers here and gives them a leg up in the job market is a real blessing. The team here and what they've got going is really incredible."

Gary Duncanson, who graduated from Purdue's West Lafayette campus after attending Purdue Calumet, is No Magic's president and CEO.

"We are truly cutting edge at what we do," he said. "All the modeling and simulation we do have really helped promote interoperability as well as a lot of cost savings to compete globally and I think this gives this region as well as our country a lot better chance to compete when we could do it through automation. I think in the long run, even as China and India has the cheap labor forces, they're going to be bringing back manufacturing here because of automation. If we could do our little part I'm really happy to do that."

Paul Duncanson, a 1974 Purdue Calumet alumnus and the founder of No Magic, said the technology will make Purdue Calumet students more innovative – something his company looks for when hiring employees.

"It's important that our students be ready for the global economy, and technology is leading the way in that preparation," he said.

No Magic also plans to partner with Purdue Calumet's experiential learning program to engage student interns in corporate projects.

Purdue Calumet Chancellor Thomas Keon said the entire partnership is important for the university moving forward.

"People like Gary and Paul can help a university become bigger, stronger and better," he said.

Gary and Paul Duncanson are cousins of former Hammond Fire Chief Wayne Duncanson.

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