Release date: 2nd June 2014

Service Pack 6 (SP6) was released on 29th June 2016
Find out what's new in Cameo Systems Modeler 18.0 LTR SP6

SysML 1.4 Support

No Magic is the first to introduce the new SysML 1.4 specification support, including new concepts such as AdjunctProperty, BoundReference and ElementGroup, and the new QUDV and ISO 80000 libraries. Learn more 010

ReqIF Support

002 The Requirements Interchange Format (ReqIF) support enables requirements import from the requirements management tools, such as IBM DOORS 9.4 and 9.5, IBM DOORS Next Generation, PTC Integrity, Polarion, and Siemens Teamcenter. Learn more

New Reports

No Magic proudly presents two new technologies for better model publishing: Web Portal report template and Model based document generator. Learn more 011

Instance Tables

012 The new Instance Table allows you to manage block instances, perform engineering analysis, as well as present imported spreadsheet data or trade study results. Learn more


Other News

Cameo Systems Modeler Enterprise Edition
New Approach for Calculating Metrics
Extended Script Languages Support
Enhanced Compartments and Their Management
SysML Profile API Changes
Fixed Issues

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