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MagicDraw 5.5 Debuts Dynamic New Features

We are pleased to announce our new MagicDraw UML version 5.5. The latest release of one of the top selling UML modeling and CASE tools now includes UML 1.4 support, code engineering for MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language), as a starting point for supporting .NET technology, and integration with IBM's Eclipse 2.0 integrated development environment.

Here is the full feature list of MagicDraw Version 5.5:

  • UML 1.4 Support. Full support for UML 1.4 semantics and notation.
  • XMI 1.1 Support. Save and load, import and export using XMI 1.1 file format.
  • Common Intermediate Language (CIL) Reverse Engineering. Now MagicDraw is able to reverse engineer .NET bytecode (CIL or MS IL), thus enabling you to capture the design of applications and systems written for the .NET platform.
  • Integration with IBM's Eclipse Platform. Automatic synchronization of model in both MagicDraw and the code in Eclipse 2.0.
  • File storage in CVS. Built-in CVS interface for storing project files. Just a few clicks and your files are stored in the CVS repository.
  • Object Constraint Language (OCL) Support. Automatically checks syntax validation and highlights discrepancies. This is a great addition, if you are extending your model with OCL constraints.
  • Teamwork Server Enhancements. Now, only changed elements are uploaded to the teamwork server during a commit operation. This will make the Teamwork Server operations much faster. Unchanged elements can now be unlocked without committing them to the server. Project elements changes may be discarded by downloading an older element version from the teamwork server. Users can now add and manage version tags on projects.
  • Sequence Diagram Improvements.
  • Report Engine Enhancements.
  • Memory and Performance Improvements. MagicDraw is now even faster and uses less memory than before.

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