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MagicDraw 7.1 version offers free UML reader and IntelliJ IDEA integration

For the first time in the industry, No Magic features a free UML reader that allows to read and print MagicDraw diagrams. The MagicDraw Reader edition is made for reading and previewing UML models created with all versions of MagicDraw and is free of charge. It is extremely useful when you want to share your ideas expressed in UML with partners, colleagues, or clients, who do not have their own copy of MagicDraw. The Free Reader edition is also fully equipped with printing and image export capabilities.

MagicDraw is now integrated with IntelliJ IDEA 4.0 (Aurora build #963), a top-rated Java development environment. This integration completes No Magic’s integration efforts with all Top 5 Java IDEs; Borland JBuilder, IBM Eclipse, Sun ONE Studio 4 and NetBeans. Now users can keep the code synchronized with the model and have all UML diagrams in their favorite IDE.

MagicDraw Version 7.1 also features:

  • Export diagram images using Open API.
  • Reports generation from console without running MagicDraw.
  • Fixed positions for links on shapes: connection points may be selected strictly from the middle of the shape side or from the edge.
  • Help window modality fixes.

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