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No Magic is pleased to announce the release of MagicDraw 7.0

There is a huge change in MagicDraw product line - instead of Standard and Professional editions, there will be Personal, Standard, programming language based Professional, and Enterprise editions.

All MagicDraw Professional edition owners have been upgraded to MagicDraw Enterprise Edition, courtesy of No Magic. Besides the licensing changes we have also made a lot of improvement and new features.

What's new in MagicDraw Version 7.0:

  • XML Schema 1.1 code generation and reverse engineering.
  • WSDL code generation and reverse engineering.
  • EJB 2.0 code generation and reverse engineering.
  • CORBA IDL reverse engineering and code generation.
  • Teamwork Server enhancements with IDE integrations.
  • Partitioning. Large file support - now it is possible to partition large files into multiple modules.
  • Improved UML support and changes in a model.
  • New types of diagrams are supported:
    - Content diagram.
    - Web Application diagram.
    - Robustness diagram.
    - CORBA IDL diagram.
    - DDL diagram.
    - WSDL diagram.
    - XML Schema diagram.
  • Open API enhancements. Access all UML metamodel classes. Create a new diagram type extending existing UML diagrams. Add panels into model elements' specification dialogs.
  • Code Engineering improvements. Reverse results can be added to class diagram from wizard, to new diagram, or to an active diagram.
  • Pervasive database support is added.
  • Changes in Browser. Model changes that were made from the last project saves are highlighted. Stereotypes may be displayed in a Browser.
  • Improved search functionality. Search may be performed by element, stereotype, tagged value, constraint, or documentation. Java regular expressions may be used in a search. A search may be performed by TODO tagged value.

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