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No Magic takes Eclipse-Based Requirements Capture and Management into the Next Generation

Plano, TX, July 30, 2008. No Magic, Inc., a leading vendor of business architecture and modeling software, announces the release of Cameo Requirements+ 2.0. This version of the 4th generation business and software requirements management tool adds extreme flexibility for business users to define business requirements that meet their process and business goals. A business can now truly create, manage, and manipulate requirements and related information without boundaries. Cameo Requirements+ can relate any kind of information you can imagine. Information can be laws, rules, media, documents, web pages, or any other type of custom data that applies specifically to your unique business needs. A business analyst can define the constraints and relationship between each special element for his specific business domain. Specific business rules can be defined within the tool to enforce a high level of data integrity and correctness, thus allowing the business analysts to prevent human error.

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