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No Magic Launches Cameo Concept Modeler - Innovative Solution Bridges Modeling and Ontology

MagicDraw® Plugin Boosts Productivity & Enhances Collaboration –
Easily Model Concepts Via Simplified Ontology Approach

Allen, Texas (September 2, 2015) – No Magic, the leading global provider of integrated modeling, simulation and analysis services and solutions announced today the release of its Cameo Concept Modeler Plugin (CCM), the latest addition to the company's expanding Cameo® Suite solution portfolio. Cameo Concept Modeler leads the industry in providing a user-friendly bridge between modeling and ontology, allowing users to quickly and easily model concepts without extensive training in formal description logic.

The new solution is designed for enterprise and system architects, ontologists, analysts, knowledge engineers, modelers and subject matter experts.

"CCM is a different breed of modeling tool for these users," said Enrique Krajmalnik, No Magic's CTO. "It takes the power and ease-of-use of our award-winning MagicDraw platform and extends it to solve the problem of business vocabulary ambiguity, exacerbated by the complexity of ontology tools and a lack of trained ontologists. Using simple, easy to use and understand models of real world concepts, CCM helps coalesce systems of people, process, and information," added Enrique.

Cameo Concept Modeler is unique in that it provides all the value of ontologies, yet goes beyond with its appealing graphics and plain English glossaries, employing an intuitive drag and drop interface. As a result, modelers can create meaningful model elements with a single keystroke. This enables users to focus on the iterative process of developing and analyzing models.

Other key benefits of Cameo Concept Modeler include:

  • Consultant-proven, subject matter expert friendly graphical notation
  • Integrates with any UML® model or UML-based standard, such as UPDM, DoDAF, or NIEM-UML
  • Ideal for Architects to create new models of information from one overarching concept model

"With the introduction of our new Cameo Concept Modeler, the industry gets a highly innovative visual tool that allows a concept model to be part of the UML ecosystem, allowing ease of integration with our Cameo solution Suite," said Gary Duncanson, President and CEO of No Magic. "In addition CCM unifies all kinds of models, such as models of requirements, data, business processes, systems, ontologies, database schemata, message schemata and object-oriented software," added Duncanson.

For advanced users, such as Architects, the Cameo Concept Modeler Plugin allows these users to create and realize new models of information from one concept model, as well as connect existing models of information to concept models. Architects can also "cherry pick" concepts and properties to create a closed-world information model for schemata and code generation.

In addition, analysts and knowledge engineers find CCM highly useful and intuitive as they use UML to work with subject matter experts to model any and all real-world concepts and properties of a business in the specific language of that business.

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