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2006 Product News

No Magic is pleased to announce the release of MagicRq plugin 1.0 for MagicDraw 12.0, an integration of MagicDraw 12.0 with IBM Rational® RequisitePro® requirements and use case management tool.

MagicRq plugin for MagicDraw 12.0 Enterprise Edition owners and purchasers is free of charge. For the pricing of MagicRq plugin 1.0 for MagicDraw 12.0 Standard and Professional editions check the pricelist.

Download MagicRq Plugin 1.0 today!

No Magic is pleased to announce the release of MagicDraw 12.0 EAP (Early Access Program) Beta and our new SysML plugin 1.0 EAP beta. To enhance the quality and functionality of the final release of these products, we encourage you to try new features and provide us feedback as early as possible. The EAP beta releases include all the features that will be in the final (GA) release coming at the end of December 2006. Please note that the version you are accessing is in early stage development, thus its stability and robustness cannot be guaranteed. We recommend that you do not use any EAP beta releases for production software projects.

What's New in MagicDraw 12.0 EAP Beta:

SysML plugin for MagicDraw.

Dependency Matrix.

Domain Specific Language Customization Engine.

A wizard for Activity Decomposition Hierarchy.

Updated C# and C++ code engineering support.

Support of advanced Structured Activity Nodes.

Check New and Noteworthy section to read the detailed description of MagicDraw 12.0 EAP Beta features.

Download MagicDraw 12.0 EAP beta today!

Download SysML plugin 1.0 EAP beta today (needs MagicDraw 12.0)!

No Magic is pleased to announce MagicDraw 11.6 version. MagicDraw release 11.6 adds major functionality and a few bug fixes. Primary in this release is support for EMF import and continued enhancement of EMF export, Eclipse integration, and cleanup of XMI extensions that are no longer required.

Check New and Noteworthy section to read the detailed description of MagicDraw 11.6 features.

Download MagicDraw 11.6 today!

No Magic is pleased to announce MagicDraw 11.5 EAP Beta version. Version 11.5 EAP Beta includes all features that will be in the 11.5 GA final release available July 10, 2006. We encourage you to try new functionality and give us feedback as early as possible. Your opinion is a critical link to providing the best possible solutions for the final 11.5 version, and gives you the ability to influence the functionality of your UML tool of choice. Please note that the version you are accessing is in early stage development, thus its stability and robustness cannot be guaranteed. We recommend that you do not use any EAP Beta releases for production of the software projects.

What's new in MagicDraw 11.5 EAP Beta:

Model Decomposition improvements. Model Decomposition is powerful tool to split project and work with part of it independently. New improvements bring these new additional capabilities especially suitable when working with the large projects:

Read-Write modules allow seamless module editing of the fragmented model;

Ability to have flexible control over the dependencies between model parts. MagicDraw allows you to continue without resolving these dependencies;

Ability to work with not loaded modules allows load modules information into memory just at necessary moment. It saves memory, shortens project startup time and improves performance when working with very large projects;

Export of MagicDraw model to EMF based UML 2.0 compatible XMI. It allows interchange of UML 2.0 models with the most popular MDA tools such as AndroMDA, OpenArchitectureWare, and others for further manipulations and transformations. To see an early view of the EMF export from MagicDraw 11.5 EAP Beta with the latest release candidate from AndroMDA, you must use AndroMDA 3.2 which can be downloaded here.

Perspectives – ability to select predefined or customized MagicDraw configuration and features according to your specific role in your software development process.

General usability and diagramming improvements that can accelerate your modeling efforts.

Download MagicDraw 11.5 EAP Beta today!

The newest version of RConverter improves the diagramming capabilities and increases the percentage of the correction of the converted XMI file from Rational Rose file converted to MagicDraw. This allows better matching to the OMG's XMI Specification compatibility. Additionally, the RConverter Version 1.1 SP1 fixes some usability minor issues.

Download RConverter 1.1 SP1 today!

No Magic Inc.'s MagicDraw product offering delivers best in breed UML modeling capabilities and integrates with OptimalJ. MagicDraw extends the reach of OptimalJ solution footprint into analysis and design. In addition, reverse engineering analysis and redesign is facilitated through MagicDraw's ability to automatically transform many types of source code to UML diagrams.

The Compuware OptimalJ team development suite is an advanced development environment that reduces the time, cost, risk and complexity of delivering and maintaining J2EE applications. OptimalJ's pragmatic implementation of Model Driven Architecture (MDA) enables cost-effective delivery of enterprise J2EE applications. Its iterative approach combines the productivity and quality benefits of application modeling with the flexibility and speed of agile development practices.

OptimalJ Professional and Architecture Editions generate working applications from visual UML models, The role-based OptimalJ editions help provide clear understanding of tasks, easing development team collaboration within an organization.

Compuware OptimalJ customers and prospects will have a more compelling total solution by leveraging OptimalJ integrated with MagicDraw as a best-of-breed Model Driven Architecture development tool. OptimalJ will extend the value of the models created with MagicDraw by automating the development of working, tangible results in the form of executable J2EE systems. Modelers will be able to experiment with alternative designs and validate these designs with automatically produced applications. OptimalJ will also maximize the value and contribution of modelers using MagicDraw as more direct contributors to J2EE project deliverables.

MagicDraw extends OptimalJ's analysis modeling providing:

Critical UML 2.0 support adherent to the latest OMG standards;

Accelerated learning curve with intuitive interface;

Rapid diagram creation with automatic UML semantics checking;

Derives models from existing source code in just seconds including Java, C#, C++, CORBA IDL, EJB 2.0, DDL, CIL (MSIL), WSDL, and XML Schema source code;

Multi-user team support for parallel access to the same model;

Automatic report and documentation generation.

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