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Release of MagicDraw 18.3 FR Beta

No Magic Inc. is pleased to announce the release of MagicDraw 18.3 Feature Release (FR) Beta.  Released Novemeber 10th 2015

This release features:

More Reasons to Choose CEDW for Collaborative Modeling
 - Detailed history of the model at the element level
 - Easily check who and when modified the particular element
 - Compare any two versions of the element (what properties were added, modified, deleted)
 - Ability to restrict access to the selected package for different team members without splitting the project
 - The network performance of updating changes has increased significantly

Requirements Change Management and Impact Analysis - new set of validation rules for suspect link analysis

Improved Scope Management - new capability allows showing only elements filtered by package imports

Custom Buttons on Diagram Pallet - new Place on Diagram Pallet property button

Image Library - new capability to upload bundled image collection or to add own set of images to the Image Library

More Options in Dependency Matrices
 - a new drop down Menu to select cells
 - easier to work with relationship properties
 - colors and line styles in Dependency Matrices could be specified
 - zoom function

Easier Swimlane Manipulation

 - partitions can be arranged by clicking the Partition header and using new control buttons
 - new smart manipulator button and a shortcut menu command to create Parts or Classes
 - remove a Swimlane without deleting its contents
 - easier to find the required option in the Project Options or Environment Options dialog

Nested Properties and Parts in Instance Table - easy way to display the properties of a classifier from a deeper level of nested properties in the Instance Table.

Smoother Work With Images - less clicks to insert images into HTML text

New Validation Rule to Ease the Model Clean-Up - new rule to validate model or diagram against the UML Completeness validation

Automatic Detection of Prefixes - automated detection of prefixes of elements from other resources

No More Gaps in Numbered Sequences – automated deleted or inserted element ID numbering

Related Actors in the Use Case Specification - all Actors that are related to the Use Case are now listed in a single place

New Drag Operations - create Image shapes faster by dragging

Changes in Model Browser
 - Relationship directions are now displayed directly in the Model Browser
 - Text in brackets now indicates classifier behaviors and behaviors with context


 - Default name of the root package in all new projects is Model, not Data
 - A newly created diagram is now by default named after its owner
 - If Call Behavior name is edited, a new behavior is automatically created with the new name
 - Automated Signal assignment to Message name
 - Automated adjustment of margins of Ports to Classes
 - Easy Line Width property editing
 - No limits for instance slots when creating an Instance Specification
 - Enumeration attributes become read-only by default

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