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Release of 19.0 SP1

No Magic Inc. is pleased to announce the release of 19.0 Service Pack 1 (SP1) of our main products and plugins.

This 19.0 SP1 release brings new major capabilities to the desktop client such as: complete diagrams, Composite Structure Diagram/Internal Block Diagram-based layout templates, vertical labels, and enhanced Sequence diagram modeling with execution specifications.

One of the major changes in Teamwork Cloud 19.0 SP1 is a “next generation” admin console which brings multiple usability and functionality improvements.

Collaborative modeling is enriched with numerous exciting features including, but not limited to: pre-commit validation, update-free locking, archived branches etc. Moreover, a command line utility for switching used projects to latest version is introduced.

Cameo Collaborator for Teamwork Cloud 19.0 SP1 has been enhanced with the ability to view and address comments in the desktop client, download files attached to a model directly from the Cameo Collaborator document and receive notifications on new comments.

Cameo Simulation Toolkit now supports fUML 1.2 and fUML 1.3 standard versions, including DataStore and CentralBuffer nodes. Among many other new capabilities, a new command line interface is added for headless batch mode execution and continuous integration/testing. External files (spreadsheets, m-files, fmu and others) can now be attached to the project and shared among other team members via Teamwork Cloud.

The 19.0 SP 1 release of Cameo Enterprise Architecture brings several new features focusing on UAF Framework and UAF Profile support improvements and usability enhancements: Personnel Availability Gantt Chart is implemented, and UJTL Library and DISR libraries have been upgraded.

The 19.0 SP1 release impacts the following products: MagicDraw, Cameo Enterprise Architecture, Cameo Systems Modeler, Teamwork Cloud (TWCloud), Teamwork Server, Cameo Collaborator for Teamwork Cloud, Cameo Business Modeler Plugin, Cameo Requirements Modeler Plugin, Cameo Data Modeler Plugin, SysML Plugin, UPDM2 Plugin and UAF Plugin, Cameo Simulation Toolkit Plugin, Cameo Data Hub Plugin, Cameo Concept Modeler Plugin, and Alf Plugin, and others.

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