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Release of Teamwork Cloud (TWCloud) 18.5 SP4 and Alf Plugin 18.5

No Magic Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Teamwork Cloud (TWCloud) 18.5 Service Pack 4 (SP4) and Alf Plugin 18.5.

The release of Teamwork Cloud (TWCloud) 18.5 SP4 includes support for Cassandra 3.11 (Cassandra 2.2.8 is no longer supported in this release) and other improvements at the server side.

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The new Alf Plugin version 18.5 for MagicDraw offers an implementation of the recent Alf (the Action Language for Foundational UML) standard from Object Management Group (OMG). It provides a complete textual action language with a syntax-aware text editor for representing behaviors within a UML model. When used in conjunction with Cameo Simulation Toolkit, behavioral specifications written using Alf code are compiled into fully executable fUML activity models.

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