End Of Life Products

Effective Date: 31st December 2020

As part of our ongoing product lifecycle management process, we are announcing that from the 31st December 2020, the Products and Releases below will be transitioned to an “End of Life” status. From this date, the Products and Releases below will no longer be commercially available or developed by No Magic.

You may continue to use your perpetual license to the Products in accordance with the terms of your license agreement. After the effective date, we will no longer be able to provide you with license keys or media for your Products or Releases.

In the event a maintenance agreement between us has not been terminated or is not already expired, this End of Life notification serves as a notice of termination thereof with respect to the said product releases.

We are sure you can appreciate that the Products have had a product life cycle that, like many, eventually comes to a conclusion as more current, cost effective and efficient technologies become available.

As a valued customer of No Magic, there are a number of alternatives for you to consider. We will be happy to assist you in assessing your options and in balancing your technical and budgetary needs. Please do not hesitate to contact your assigned No Magic Sales representative.

Thank you for your cooperation and we regret any inconvenience this may cause to your operation. If you have any questions concerning this End of Life notification, please contact us under This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Cameo Business Modeler Architect Edition Mobile License Cameo Business Modeler | Architect 17.0.1 and before
Cameo Business Modeler Plugin Cameo Business Modeler 16.9 and before
Cameo Business Modeler Standard Edition Cameo Business Modeler | Standard 17.0.1 and before
Cameo Data Modeler Plugin Cameo Data Modeler 17.0 and before
Cameo DataHub Cameo DataHub 18.0 and before
Cameo E2E Bridge Cameo E2E Bridge 6.0
Cameo E2E Builder Seat License Cameo E2E Builder | Standard 17.0.5 and before
Cameo Enterprise Architecture 18.0 LTR Enterprise Edition Demo License Cameo Enterprise Architecture | Enterprise 18.0
Cameo Enterprise Data Warehouse 18.3 FR Business CEDW | Business 18.3
Cameo Enterprise Data Warehouse 18.3 FR Standard CEDW | Standard 18.3
Cameo OCL Transformer License Cameo OCL Transformer 2.0
Cameo Requirements+  Cameo 4.1 and before
Cameo Simulation Toolkit Plugin License Cameo Simulation Toolkit 1.0
Cameo SOA+ Plugin 16.5 Cameo SOA+ 18.5 and before
Cameo Systems Modeler 17.0.3 FR Essential License Cameo Systems Modeler | Essential 17.0.3
Cameo Team Server 4.1 CameoTeamServer 4.1
Cameo XSD Import Plugin License Cameo XSD Import 1.5
CoFluent Studio Plugin CoFluent 2.2 and before
DoDAF Plugin DoDAF 16.9 and before
M2Code for Java Plugin 1.4.1 M2Code 1.4.1
M2Flex Plugin 1.3.2 M2Flex 1.3.2
M2Spring Plugin M2Spring 1.4.2 and before
MagicDraw Architect Edition Architect-Standalone and Academic 17.0 and before
MagicDraw Enterprise Edition Enterprise 17.0 and before
MagicDraw Enterprise Mobile Sun Edition Enterprise 7.1
MagicDraw FL Professional Edition Version 3.6 Professional 3.6
MagicDraw Personal Edition Personal 17.0 and before
MagicDraw Professional C# Edition Professional C# 16.9 and before
MagicDraw Professional C++ Edition Professional C++ 16.9 and before
MagicDraw Professional Edition Professional 6.0, and before
MagicDraw Professional Java Edition Professional Java 17.0 and before
MagicDraw Professional Mobile C# Edition Professional C# 7.1 and before
MagicDraw Rconverter Add-on 1.4 and before
MagicDraw RSXConverter 1.0 RSX 1.0
MagicDraw Standard Edition Standard 17.0 and before
MagicDraw Teamwork Server, 10 connections Teamwork server, 10 connections 16.9 and before
MagicDraw Teamwork Server, 5 connections Teamwork server, 5 connections 16.9 and before
MagicDraw Teamwork Server, over 10 connections Teamwork server, 10+ connections 16.8 and before
MagicRq Plugin MagicRq 16.6 and before
MagicRq Plugin for Enterprise Edition MagicRqEnt 1.0
Merge Plugin Merge 17.0 and before
NIEM Plugin NIEM 18.5 and before
Nomos OCL Export Plugin Demo License Nomos OCL Export 1.5 and before
Nomos XSD Import Plugin Nomos XSD Import 1.4 and before
OCL Business Rules Testing Add-on 1.0 OCL Business Rules Testing 1.0
OCL Export Plugin 1.0 for MagicDraw Nomos OCL Export 1.0
ParaMagic Lite Plugin ParaMagic Lite 18.0 and before
ParaMagic Plugin ParaMagic 16.9 and before
SysML Plugin SysML 17.0 and before
UPDM Plugin UPDM 17.0 and before
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