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MBSE Online Training Course

Getting Started With Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and SysML

by Sanford Friedenthal
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Sample Course Content

Register now for this new 13 module MBSE online training course, "Getting Started With Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and SysML" taught by Sandy Friendenthal, one of the industry's leading MBSE and SysML thought leaders. Sandy concludes the training modules with recommended group discussion topics, designed to facilitate learning and bring the true benefits of MBSE to teams and workgroups.

Sandy is a true advocate of model based systems engineering and helped lead the team which developed SysML from its beginning till the time it was adopted by the OMG. Sandy had the distinction of being a Lockheed Martin Fellow, and now, working as a distinguished industry consultant has joined forces with No Magic to bring you one of the most dynamic MBSE online training courses available in the industry.

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The high-level objectives of this new MBSE training include:

  • What is MBSE, and how does it compare to traditional SE?
  • A look at the overall benefits of MBSE
  • The adoption of MBSE in the industry
  • An in-depth look at SysML and how it supports MBSE
  • Ways in which your organization can use a systems modeling tool to build systems models
  • How are MBSE methods used to specify and design systems?
  • How does an organization transition to MBSE?
  • And more


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Sandy Friedenthal

sandy friedenthalSanford Friedenthal is an industry leader in model-based systems engineering (MBSE) and independent consultant. Previously, as a Lockheed Martin Fellow, he led the corporate engineering effort to enable Model- Based Systems Development (MBSD) and other advanced practices across the company. In this capacity, he was responsible for developing and implementing strategies to institutionalize the practice of MBSD across the LM Business Units.

Mr. Friedenthal's experience includes the application of systems engineering throughout the system life cycle from conceptual design, through development and production on a broad range of systems including missile systems, electro-optical navigation and targeting systems, and information systems. He has been a systems engineering department manager responsible for ensuring systems engineering processes are implemented on the programs, and enhancing overall systems engineering capability.

Mr. Friedenthal is co-chair of the INCOSE MBSE Initiative and an INCOSE Fellow. He also is a leader of the Industry Standards effort through the Object Management Group (OMG) and INCOSE to develop the Systems Modeling Language (OMG SysML™) that was adopted by the OMG in 2006. He is co-author of A Practical Guide to SysML.

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