No Magic's Web-based Customer Portal (OSS) Discontinuing

As part of our integration into Dassault Systèmes (DS), we are announcing our plans to retire No Magic‘s web-based customer portal (known as OSS) in the upcoming months. Our goal is to gradually transition you into the standard DS environment and continue to support you using DS information systems.

No Magic Portal to Dassault PortalAs you know, our modeling tools (and some standalone products) contain a set of features that depend on an active internet connection and require direct access to No Magic servers. To ensure continuity of service for our customers and address this challenge, we have developed special service pack(s) for the following version(s) of our modeling tools:

  • 18.0
  • 18.5
  • 19.0

These supported versions will require service packs that remove our software’s dependency on No Magic servers and discontinue all features requiring external network access. For the mentioned versions, the new service packs include:

  • 18.0 SP7
  • 18.5 SP4
  • 19.0 SP4

Application of these service packs is critical for users with Seat and Mobile licensing. Without the deployed service pack, a modeling tool may stop working when our legacy systems will be taken offline after a transitional period, currently targeted for January 15, 2021. Users of floating licenses are minimally impacted but may experience error messages if they fail to upgrade. Please see the link below for more details.

If you are not currently on one of the supported versions, you should upgrade to a supported version prior to installing the service pack. For example, if you currently use version 18.2, you should upgrade to 18.5 or 19.0, first. In order to address questions or issues that may arise after deploying this service pack(s), we are rolling out access in a phased manner. You will receive an additional communication in the next few weeks when access is granted, at which point you can log in using your No Magic profile and download the necessary files.

To better prepare for the transition, please review the following link:
Licensing and other changes in 18.0 SP7, 18.5 SP4, and 19.0 SP4

Should you have any questions in advance of this transition, please contact your assigned No Magic sales executive. For any questions regarding the application of the service pack, please contact No Magic support.

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