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Cameo Concept Modeler Plugin

Cameo Concept Modeler Plugin
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No Magic's Cameo Concept Modeler is the only tool available that lets users view FIBO models as a concept model.


Giancarlo Guizzardi on the Importance of Ontology and Conceptual Modeling
Giancarlo Guizzardi on the Importance of Ontology and Conceptual Modeling


Cameo Concept Modeler is a solution for modeling real-world concepts — designed to align your systems of people, processes, and information

Ontology tools can be a nightmare to look at and difficult to use. And in recent years, the number of available ontologists and data scientists who can tackle these tools hasn't been growing fast enough to meet industry demand. That means many enterprises may be left stranded with disparate systems and misunderstandings between technical and non-technical stakeholders.

Cameo Concept Modeler is the Answer

Introducing Cameo Concept Modeler (CCM), a plugin to the award-winning MagicDraw® platform. By putting a friendly face on the familiar UML 2 standard notation, No Magic brings users an innovative way to model concepts without needing an advanced degree in formal description logic.

Cameo Concept Modeler provides the value of ontologies while hiding the formal model behind its appealing graphics/UI and plain-English glossaries.

Thanks to CCM's intuitive drag-and-drop interface, modelers can create meaningful model elements with a single keystroke. That ease-of-use enables users to focus on the process of developing and analyzing models as they question subject matter experts. And while a model is complete in itself, the generated CCM glossary helps everyone understand the model from multiple perspectives — reducing any misunderstandings across teams.

Cameo Concept Modeler is easy to use and easy to understand.

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