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Cameo Data Modeler


Cameo Data Modeler plugin provides data-related modeling for MagicDraw. It includes entity-relationship, database and XML schema modeling features.

This plugin enables you to draw entity-relationship diagrams (using the crow's foot notation). This is a full- featured variant of ER diagram (including extended entity-relationship concepts - like generalization), providing a spectrum of capabilities for logical data modeling.

This plugin provides SQL database modeling / diagramming and DDL script generation / reverse features. It supports 11 flavors of databases (including Standard SQL, Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL), has separate type libraries for them, carries additional modeling extensions for Oracle databases, Transformations from / to plain UML models and from ER models are provided.

This plugin provides XML schema modeling / diagramming and schema file (*.xsd) generation / reversing features.

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