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Cameo Business Modeler


The world of business process management and modeling is changing. The Business Analyst needs more data and better access to Enterprise Architecture information. The Business Analyst is also a key member of the development team especially in light of the fact that Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a primary business driver.

At No Magic we believe that the Business Analyst should be able to use all data any time, in many different standards, all in one tool.

Cameo Business Modeler product family is the answer to these changes. We have integrated the latest business modeling standard (BPMN 2.0) into MagicDraw supporting the latest SOA and Enterprise Architecture standards.

Cameo Business Modeler for MagicDraw supports all the following:

BPMN 2 Business Process Modeling NotationNo Magic is an OCEB sponsor – OMG Certified expert in BPM.
  • BPMN 2.0 symbols and diagrams
  • Business model analysis tables and matrices
  • Unprecedented ease of use of user perspectives
  • Additional usability features specifically for BPM modeling
  • User manual and BPMN samples
  • Organization structure and business data diagrams

Additional Capabilities:

  • HTML publishing direct to the web
  • Word and spreadsheet reports
  • Collaboration via Teamwork Server
  • Customizable validation of models for standard and corporate rules
  • Expandable capabilities through our open API via Java and scripting languages
  • Mix with SOA, UML, Enterprise Architecture, and other standards
  • Integrate with MDA and MDD to produce code direct from models
  • Link BPM to Cameo Requirements+ to manage requirements right in the tool

Better business models through automated verification:

It's not enough to support diagrams and models; you need to make sure your work is complete and correct. Imagine the power of validating your business process models for completeness, correctness and your own standards dynamically. Validation helps to ensure your business process models are correct while identifying errors in the model. The active validation mode instantly notifies users they have violated key business rules.

No Magic offers professional services to implement validation of business rules tailored to your company's needs. Imagine the power of validating your business process models for completeness, correctness and your own standards – dynamically.

Customized reporting and publishing:

We have also included business process model templates. You can modify the templates to meet you own documentation standards and formats or create your own custom reports. We support a wide range of template engines, scripting languages, and have a full, open API to support any kind of report.

Business collaboration:

For working in large groups, Cameo Business Modeler supports several methods for publishing and team development. No Magic's Teamwork Server allows the entire team to work concurrently on the same business process model and our reporting capability includes several HTML web-ready reports including publishing to the web.

Consulting and Training

No Magic offers a full range of consulting and training for business process modeling, plus business analysis best-practices mentoring. We assist clients in:

  • Aligning your solution with business strategies and industry best-practices using Cameo Business Modeler and BPMN
  • Modeling consulting: one-on-one or project-wide support for business modeling and analysis
  • Cameo Business Modeler Best Practices – applying practical methods for achieving optimal results
  • Software Development Mentoring/Coaching
  • Custom Development services for model migration from other vendors
  • Solution customization designed to meet your company needs (e.g., custom validation rules)
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