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Publish and review models on the web

Cameo Collaborator is a web-based product designed to present models in a simplified form for stakeholders, sponsors, customers, and engineering teams. The product makes it easy for users to review models and diagrams in a transparent, collaborative environment — keeping the entire project team up to date on any changes made to the model. Cameo Collaborator's innovative capability - graphical comments, significantly improves team collaboration by involving even non-technical team members in the model review process.

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Use Cameo Collaborator to:

  • Put the model in front of the stakeholders, sponsors, or customers
  • Put the model in front of engineering teams (modelers and non-modelers) within the organization
  • Keep stakeholders and engineering teams up-to-date with the precise, consistent information from the single source of truth - model repository
  • Review and provide feedback to model authors
  • Approve content

Collaborator is designed for the following types of users:

  • Non-modelers - users who were not trained in MagicDraw nor are equipped with it nor have good command in modeling languages like UML, SysML, UPDM, BPMN or others
  • Modelers - typically members of engineering teams working on process engineering, requirements, or system designs

Employ predefined portal types that are specifically designed for each domain to expose the most essential information on the web. Cameo Collaborator comes with the following predefined portal types:

Track progress of your reviews

The following review processes are supported out of the box:

  • Technical peer reviews - share and review models within the team
    • Use it within the team as a means for improving communications
  • Formal reviews - share models for review to other teams
    • Use it for making approvals
  • Public community interaction, social modeling, crowdsourcing - share models publicly to the entire organization so that users can consume information available in the models as well as to contribute to the models via comments
    • Use it as a way for end users of models to contribute to the model via comments, especially when your users are non-modelers who want to provide feedback on the contents in the model
    • Use it as a way to train users – users can consume information available in the models, ask questions on the content and get answers
    • Use it as a way to share best modeling practices – when separate modeler groups agree on best practices, they can be shared for the whole organization and input from the community can be provided to the content creators

If your teams use different review processes, they can describe their processes using BPMN language and deploy these processes onto Cameo Collaborator server. Here is an example of a custom review process:

review process

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