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Cameo E2E Bridge

Cameo E2E Bridge

Cameo E2E Bridge Simplified

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Client Testimonials

    • We are familiar with over 30 integration products. Not one of them comes even close to the cost savings of the E2E Bridge® with its unique approach. B2Bnet would have been a lot more difficult to develop and operate without E2E. Our technicians love it.Henri Spinnler
    • With its highly efficient approach E2E did the impossible: bringing the retail services of SBC and UBS together and automate all back-office procedures in record time.Werner Bruderer
      Managing Director
      Head of Marketing Technology
    • Process integration & automation are essential growth engines. With E2E we have the perfect partner to stay in control as we re-wire our business processes.Fernand Portenier
      Head of IT
    • The E2E Bridge® allows Swisscom to reach all its business objectives without compromise – and in record time! This is exactly the level of business agility we were looking for.Markus Witschi
      Operations Manager
      SME Business Unit
      Swisscom (Schweiz) AG
    • A few days before going live, we had to upgrade our Order Management System. With a traditional approach, such a last minute change would have caused 3-4 months delay. The E2E Bridge® allowed us to go live as originally planned.Markus Witschi
      Operations Manager
      SME Business Unit
      Swisscom (Schweiz) AG
    • The high ROI was decisive in the selection of E2E. This unique approach will lead to substantial productivity gains for the entire organization – for years to come.Robert Redl
      Head of Marketing Technology
      EVN AG
    • Direct Model Execution enables unprecedented enterprise agility. Thanks to the E2E Bridge®, we now have a completely clear path from process to application. For the first time ever, business and IT are totally aligned via ONE shared executable blueprint.Daniel Seiler
      Finance Director
      Intrum Justitia D-A-CH
    • 40% less integration cost, SAP 5x more rapidly integrated and everything operational according to business plan.Laurent Christen
      Head of Direct Sales
      Nikon Europe BV



The Cameo E2E Bridge end-to-end model-driven integration platform is a proven solution for rapid process integration and automation in the enterprise. C-Level executives in a wide range of vertical industries have found the E2E Bridge to significantly increase organizational efficiency by facilitating collaboration between business and IT leaders seeking shorter project times, lower total costs and maximum flexibility.

Your Gateway To:

  • Increased profits, much greater efficiency, improved time to market
  • Optimized business processes by weeks and months, saving time and money
  • Improved collaboration between business & IT
  • Easier access to your data - Smart Data
  • Streamlined M&A strategy, resulting in lower integration, acquisition & consolidation costs

inset computer collaborationMid-size to large enterprises use the Cameo E2E Bridge to bring their ideas to market five to six times faster than with conventional integrations. They also reduce their total cost of ownership by 60% and increase their organizational flexibility. Your organization can realize the same efficiencies.

Cameo E2E Bridge Benefits:

  • A completely model-driven approach to integration
  • Save money, time and reduce time to market
  • With the Cameo E2E Bridge, integrations are completed four to five times faster than conventional integrations
  • Small footprint
  • No equipment to buy, the Cameo E2E Bridge is one application
  • The models are the solution, and the documentation is the code
  • Leverage the applications you already have
  • Enrich current systems, your organization does not have to add new systems
  • Bridge the gap between business and IT
  • One version of the truth as seen from the business and IT perspectives
Improved Organizational Productivity
  • One single solution to describe processes, services and interfaces
  • All stakeholders are involved throughout the improvement cycle
  • Business and IT share one common blueprint
  • Full reuse of existing application infrastructure
  • Automatic enforcement of governance policies
The Specification is the Production – the Cameo E2E Bridge provides seamless transparency across the full lifecycle of end-to-end integrated business processes
  • Direct execution of standard BPMN® and UML® models
  • Model-based quality assessment via model debugger
  • Fully automated test case creation and regression testing
  • Extreme transaction processing up to billions of transactions
  • Small system footprint, low infrastructure requirements

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Reduced Complexity
  • Automatic re-documentation of existing interfaces
  • Automatic wrapping of legacy functions into services
  • Unified description for all back ends and protocols
  • Support for more than 60 application connectors
  • Effective model-based root cause analysis
Clear Separation of Concerns
  • Extraction of non-functional aspects from business services
  • Single point of integration for identity and access management
  • Policy templates for integration of external Cloud services
  • Productivity increase by eliminating conflicting interests
  • Cost reduction for external policy audits due to document is the code
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