No Magic consultants provide expert advice and thought-leadership for modeling solutions based on a detailed analysis of the customer issue. Consulting services are provided onsite or remotely based on the issues involved and arrangements with the customer. The duration of a consulting engagement depends on the complexity of the project and customer needs. Some examples of consulting services include:

no-magic-services 05Modeling Workshop. The No Magic Modeling Workshop focuses on solving specific problems during an interactive session with our consultants. The workshop usually consists of a small group of customer representatives familiar with modeling concepts. These workshops help customers implement modeling faster and more efficiently.

Model Review. Model Reviews provide a detailed analysis of a customer's models resulting in a report on progress, issues, errors. The model review provides remediation for subsequent phases of the project. Model reviews can be done on-site or remotely.

Modeling Mentoring. Mentoring provides consulting support for a single or small group of modelers focusing on the actual modeling work done by customers. The mentor provides "how to" answers, and advises on methodology and refactoring of existing models.

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