Dedicated Support

No Magic Standard Support* covers issues related to product setup and possible malfunction. However, it is designed primarily to solve a particular issue and does not provide analytical consultation related to product usage. In order to address this situation and to save our customers time, No Magic is offering a Dedicated Support plan in addition to our Full Support.

The Dedicated Support plan includes but is not limited to the following services over and above those in our full support* offering:

  • Workshops at customer site
  • Remote issue analysis and solution using screen sharing sessions
  • Guidance for creating custom plugins by using a non-Open API or from the obfuscated code
  • Testing new MagicDraw versions in customer projects
  • Dedicated [Private for <company>] security level in the Standard support system
  • On-site or remote-support for migration to later versions of the following**:
    • Teamwork Server and projects
    • Floating Server
    • Report templates
    • Artifacts, such as code engineering sets, BPMN diagrams, etc.
  • Expert consultation.***

Benefits of Dedicated Support

No Magic Dedicated Support is available for purchase in Block Hours. Block Hours allow customers to pre-purchase a set of hours (with a minimum of eight) for extended support needs. The hours will be delivered on a time-and-materials basis and expire in twelve months. Dedicated Support allows users to quickly engage resources for assistance. Customers will be aligned with No Magic teams having the appropriate skills, expertise, and experience when needed. This is a level of assistance beyond 'break-fix' support which will allow users to choose the best path for their organization.

How Block Hours Work

  • Block Hours are purchased in advance
  • Block Hours delivery will be requested in advance after estimating the scope and identifying both delivery time and expertise needed for the Dedicated Support
  • No Magic provides only services that have been approved by the customer
  • Hours expire 6 months after the Start Date; unused hours are forfeited upon expiration.

premium support request delivery chart

Dedicated Support Pricing

Purchasing in advance
100 hours - 10 % discount
200 hours - 20 % discount
300 hours and more - 30 % discount


*Full Support services are available with the purchase of Software Assurance.
**Regular Teamwork Server and project migration takes about forty hours. Floating Server migration usually takes no more than four hours.
*** We recommend product consultation - OpenAPI, DSL, custom documentation templates creation, code and database engineering, best practices using UML, SysML, BPMN, UPDM, DoDAF, MoDAF, etc.

How To Receive Dedicated Support

For Dedicated Support, please contact your No Magic account executive.

For more information or a quote
please contact
or call +1-214-291-9100.