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How can I share files (images, other projects, text documents, etc.) together with a project?

There are a couple of solutions:

1. You can copy and paste or drag and drop images to a diagram. The image shape will be available for the copied image. MagicDraw supports .gif, .jpg, .svg, and .png image file types.

Note: The project size increases accordingly to the quantity and size in bytes of the inserted images, and this might have a great impact on the performance.

2. You can link external files to the project by specifying the relative paths to them. The relative path is always suggested, when creating a hyperlink to the external file, which is stored in the same folder with the project.

A relative path for a hyperlink can also be specified manually, e.g., "file:// /My Pictures/sample.jpg" for the picture, which is stored in the My Pictures directory that is located in the same folder with the project.

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