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Cameo daemon thinks my hostid is 000000000000

I got the following messages in my cameo daemon log file:
16:36:22 (cameo) Server started on cm1 for: MagicDrawEnterprise
16:36:22 (cameo) Wrong hostid on SERVER line for license file:
16:36:22 (cameo) licenses/cameo/license.txt
16:36:22 (cameo) SERVER line says 90b11c596715, hostid is 000000000000
16:36:22 (cameo) Invalid hostid on SERVER line
16:36:22 (cameo) Disabling 5 licenses from feature MagicDrawEnterprise(0393 0246 4250 573D )
16:36:22 (cameo) EXTERNAL FILTERS are OFF
16:36:22 (cameo) No valid hostids, exiting
16:36:22 (cameo) EXITING DUE TO SIGNAL 34 Exit reason 2


Currently, FlexLM does not support interface names other than eth0, eth1, ..., ethN. Alternate interface names, such as em1, are not recognized and will return the invalid hostid 000000000000.

As a workaround we offer you to change your interface names to ethN, such as eth0. Consult the documentation of both your system and distribution to learn how to reset an interface name. Look for more information:

Please contact our customer support, if this does not help.

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